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This 4 video work-out program presents ideas for safe and effective programming for our more senior exercise enthusiasts.  The following the videos and quizzes are included in this program for a total of 8.0 CECs.

DVD105: Fit Tips for Designing a Sit-and-Stand Chair Program

The goal of this DVD is to help Instructors understand how to design a safe program for their senior residents.  It contains an inventory of exercises that can be made simpler for the “new to exercise” resident or progressed for the more skilled participant.  The exercises demonstrated cover all the components necessary for a safe and functional program to help train for active living.  The warm up segment suggests exercises that will prepare the resident for the upcoming program – this can be made longer or shorter depending on the physical level of people in the program Simple cardio exercises designed to raise the Heart rate to a suitable level for each person are shown to help a group containing people with differing levels of fitness. Strength training – one of the most important components of any senior program – covers exercises that can be done either seated or standing; with or without equipment.  The variety of exercises shown can be mixed and matched to suit the group.  The video ends with Diaphragmatic breathing for relaxation and stretching exercises for a suitable cool down together with some “Do’s and Don’ts ” to help the Instructor become successful. 36 Minutes

DVD106: Gentle Senior Sit-and-Stand Chair Program: Fit Bands

This program provides a mixture of both seated and standing exercises. The goal is to provide functional movement for joint mobility combined with some strengthening exercises using a loop band. Most exercises are show with modifications for anyone not able to complete as first demonstrated. Exercises for the muscles and joints for the lower body emphasize mobility and working through a comfortable ROM while seated on the chair. This is progressed to functional training for standing up after sitting then reversed to sitting after standing. Exercises for the Upper body target re-adjusting good posture and improved ROM for daily tasks such as reaching a high shelf or lifting.  Strengthening exercises the weaker upper body muscles are included with ideas for using the fit band with single or double tension. The chair is used for standing exercises to train leg strength and work on balance exercises.  Here the participant is challenged to let go of the chair to engage the core to test balance by lifting one leg, and even look away. The program ends with seated stretching exercises to leave the joints and muscles supple and relaxed. 33 Minutes

DVD107:  Gentle Senior Sit-and-Stand Chair Program: On Broadway with Golf Tubes

This is a “feel good” – “go at your own pace” program to help the Instructor train residents to maintain function for life using a variety of exercises and styles.  Helpful tips are included together with instruction. For example tips on breathing, the importance of sipping water throughout the program and how to use the abdominal core for 100% of the program.  Seated exercises concentrate on coordination using the arms and legs in a variety of patterns to gain and maintain movement for daily activities.  For fun (and function) you are invited to “Be on Broadway” using an imaginary top hat and a golf tube for a cane.  At first seated then standing the exercises can be done in time to the music (or not).  The main thing is to relax and enjoy the moves.  Use the “cane” for light weight strengthening exercises for both upper and lower body muscles. Learn to sit and stand using the “cane”  instead of a walker for support or, for people with more balance strength let it replace the back of the chair for standing exercises such as back lunges and exercises to stretch and strengthen  the hip area.

End the program with some great stretching ideas using the golf tube.  You will so glad you tried this program.  You will feel good from the inside-out! 34 minutes

DVD108:  Seated Chair Exercise Program: Tubing

A seated program with Functional movement as the goal.  Functional movement is defined as movement required for day to day living, or movement using the body as a unit with emphasis on core stability.  Movement that will allow the body to bend, stretch, rotate, push and pull in order to perform actions with minimal stress on the joints. Join Pam as she goes through a series of exercises that will put these moves into action. Strengthening exercises using tubing with handles are demonstrated with modifications for moves that will target the same areas with slightly less effort for those new to this type of training.

The end of the program is dedicated to stretching both the mind and the body using relaxing music to help “feel” the movements in both seated and standing positions. 38 minutes

To complete the 8.0 hours for CECs you will email the Quiz answers or fill them out online.

CEC (continuing education credit) hours for re-certification will be completed online.  A link will be sent to you via email with the confirmation of your purchase and payment receipt. All candidates  must have your own copy of the corresponding video to complete and submit this quiz for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). We do not allow sharing due to copyright and liability laws.  Click here if you require more re certification information.


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