050 – Land Workout Using TaeKwonRobics™


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Learn a combination of advanced sports training moves with emphasis on cardiovascular training, endurance and strength conditioning. Spar, kick and add some fun to your martial arts movements. This program was created prior to the Billy Banks craze. We worked on exercise safety and how to work strength and mobility without wear and tear on the joints.   This high intensity advance group exercise program will  help you cross train for any sport.  A land functional body weight exercise.

What is a Workout Video is a start to finish follow- a- long program. Learn a template for total body benefits from start to finish. A great way to learn flow and fast track your lesson plan.

Learning Objectives :

  1. Psychological  benefits of TaeKwonDo
  2. The variety of moves that can be used in the program
  3. Power movements


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