WaterART Fit Ball




Fit balls are an excellent way to train posture and better balance. There are infinite exercises for fit ball training. Be sure to try the easier exercises and gradually progress to more advanced exercises. Learn how to correct yourself after being off balance as well as how to fall safely. Exercises on the ball may be used for injury prevention training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training, as well as strength and conditioning. All ages may work with the ball but those with orthopedic conditions should seek professional advice to design a purposeful program.

Another ergonomic use for your WaterART Fit Ball is sitting on the ball while at a desk or while watching TV. In doing so, increased trunk muscle activation and core strength may be easily training. Start with short durations and then gradually add more time. We recommend getting up or having a break every 15 minutes anyway. A break may be utilizing your ball for more stretching or strengthening exercises or having some fun with some cardio marching.

The pumps for the balls are sold separately through the following link:

Please be sure to check out our www.waterart.org Having a Ball video (DVD032) as well as our Aging Well Fitness App.  Stay well and Stay Exercised!


Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 4 cm
WaterART Fit Ball

Red (55 cm), Purple (65 cm), Blue (75 cm)


With pump, Without pump

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