Gentle Senior Sit-and-Stand Chair Program: Fit Bands


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This program provides a mixture of both seated and standing for a senior exercise program. The goal is to provide functional movement for joint mobility combined with some strengthening exercises using a loop or regular fit band.

Most exercises are shown with modifications for anyone not able to complete as first demonstrated. Exercises for the muscles and joints for the lower body emphasize mobility and working through a comfortable range of motion while seated on the chair. This is progressed to functional training for standing up after sitting then reversed to sitting after standing. Exercises for the upper body target posture adjustments and improving range of motion for daily tasks such as reaching a high shelf or lifting. Strengthening exercises for the weaker upper body muscles are included with ideas for using the fit band in single or double tension.

The chair is used for standing exercises to train leg strength and balance. Here the participant is challenged to let go of the chair to engage the core and test balance by lifting one leg, perhaps even looking away. The program ends with seated stretching exercises to leave the joints and muscles supple and relaxed.

What is a Workout Video is a start to finish follow- a- long program. Learn a template for total body benefits from start to finish. A great way to learn flow and fast track your lesson plan.

33 minutes running time

Learning Objectives

  1. Setting up a successful program
  2. Seated mobility
  3. Stretch tight muscles


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