085 – Shallow H2O Aquatic Fitness Stepping


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All ages, fitness levels, and skills can benefit with this type of water workout. This video shows how high intensity sports conditioning movements as well as lower level but functional activities of daily living may be uniquely programmed. The added challenges of coordination, increased range of motion and balance are just a few more reasons why you should try the aquatic step.

Step training in the water allows personal training, specialized rehabilitation, and active group exercise classes to change water depths by altering the height of the exercises on the step. These moves also provide functional stair stepping patterns. Each participant uses their own “marked space” on the step to travel up and down at their own speed with each movement or pattern.

What is a Workout Video is a start to finish follow- a- long program. Learn a template for total body benefits from start to finish. A great way to learn flow and fast track your lesson plan. (45 minutes)

Learning Objectives

  1. Step placement in the pool
  2. Regular exercise patterns
  3. Advanced exercise suggestions


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