Seated Chair Exercise Workout: Tubing


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Functional movement is defined as movement required for day to day living, or movement using the body as a unit with emphasis on core stability.  This is movement that will allow the body to bend, stretch, rotate, push and pull in order to perform actions with minimal stress on the joints.

Join Pam as she goes through a series of exercises in this seated program that will provide training for functional movement. Strengthening exercises using tubing with handles are demonstrated with modifications for moves that will target the same areas with slightly less effort for those new to this type of training. The end of the program is dedicated to stretching both the mind and the body using relaxing music to help “feel” the movements in both seated and standing positions.

What is a Workout Video is a start to finish follow- a- long program. Learn a template for total body benefits from start to finish. A great way to learn flow and fast track your lesson plan.

38 minutes running time

Learning Objectives

  1. Ways to use  music
  2. Training weak areas of the body
  3. End of program stretching


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