Greenville, SC -Shallow H2O 8.0 CEC Workshop


Caine Halter Family YMCA

Date: Saturday  April  29, 2022   Time:  9:00-5:00 pm
Location: 721 Cleveland Street Greenville, SC 29601

 Please bring your lunch, water bottle , water wear and get ready to move!

*all registrations via WaterART Fitness (online, phone)

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Deep H20 Training (Saturday)
Learn to program safe and effective exercise in a non-impact environment. Deep water training allows cardiovascular movement and muscular conditioning in a variety of body positions not possible on land. Plan your program design to serve a variety of participants—swimmer or non-swimmer—using buoyant equipment. Learn key cardiovascular movements and/or specific muscle targeting to help map out a program. Discover how to target all of the major muscle groups in deep water. Review the body positions to aid each individual to achieve optimal posture, muscle balance, and performance. Optimize visual and verbal communication techniques to help you to coach and motivate safely from the deck.

Noodle Gym Workshop:  The noodle has become the most recognizable piece of equipment at the pool – which can be used in most every program and every depth of water. The unskilled can be provided with support to walk with confidence in shallow water. The more skilled can challenge balance standing, sitting kneeling or riding in deep or shallow water. This session offers a selection of noodle exercises showing the many adaptations or progressions that can be used to accommodate a wide variety of participants within the same class. We will explore noodle cycling and noodle boot camp in the mix for more athletic programming.

 10 Ways to Change Every Exercise: Do you ever get into a rut with the basic moves. Review a system of how to change up the moves with easy to follow techniques.  Learn how to create and develop variations and combinations to keep your classes energized. Make the movements flow with changes of direction, speed and intensity levels. Learn how to mix and match basic movements to create variations and combinations without the complication of choreography.

Advanced Interval & Circuit Training:   Experience the energy! Keep your participants motivated, add variety and challenge encourage aerobic and muscle conditioning by providing interval sets or circuit stations. This calorie burning session is an excellent workout that will open your mind and body to exercise possibilities in a water environment. Suitable for people of all levels of fitness as this program is geared to promote self-paced exercise. Utilize shallow and/or deep water depths to maximize the benefits.

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Sku: 230428-1500-Greenville-SC

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