WaterART Mitts – XL Turquoise Velcro


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WaterART Mitts are developed for simplicity & durability. They are designed to have the tips of your fingers stick out of the ends so your hands may “breathe” in the water. We recommend using mitts to help maintain posture and balance throughout water exercise. Additionally, upper body strength may be improved with this piece of equipment.

  • Slip your hands into these neoprene mitts and fasten to your choice of tightness with the sturdy velcro tab
  • Created with an easy velcro flap so that you may easily slip your hands inside
  • Zig-zag stitched for mitt longevity
  • Excellent for those who have fine motor movements issues such as arthritis
  • Always be sure to rinse after each use and hang dry. Neoprene is strong and durable fabric, however, pool chemicals will take their toll.

Available in four sizes. Be sure to not get mitts too small for the width as this cuts of the circulation
(the length does not matter as the fingers stick out)

Blue -Slip On  Small Size:  20 cm (L)  x 17 cm (W) or  8″ (L) x 7″ (W)  if you have small hands/kids
Green – Medium: Size: 21 cm (L)  x 22.5 cm (W) or  8″ (L) x 8.25″ (W)  most women take this size
Purple – Large: 23 cm (L) x 23.5 cm (W) or 8.5″ (L) x 8.50″ (W)  most women with wider hands take this size or average size men
Turquoise – X-Large: 23.5 (L) x 23.5 (W) or  8.5″(L) x 9.0″ (W) most larger hand men take this size


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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 6 cm

Single Pair, Bulk Order of 10

Mitts Size

Green Medium, Purple Large, Royal Blue Small, Specify sizes in Checkout Comments, Turquoise X- Large

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