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2.0 CEC

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This quiz is based on the Land Combo Fitness Workout video, which shows low and moderate impact fitness for cardiovascular benefits. The program offers combination patterns and movements for an easy to follow routine. There is also a strengthening component with tubing with handles for muscular fitness and strengthening and a full standing and bench stretch for a balanced full body program.

The exercise sequencing is a progressive system that blends dance, fitness and fun!

Learning Objectives :

  1. How to put combo moves together
  2. Functional Fun and Filler moves
  3. Safe stretching for the neck area

Complete the quiz online.  A link will be sent to you via email with the confirmation of your purchase and payment receipt.

You must have your own copy of the corresponding video to complete and submit this quiz for Continuing Education Credits (CECs). We do not allow sharing due to copyright and liability laws.

SKU: QZ070

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