Enthusiast Membership (WaterART Buoyancy Belt, and Foam Weights)


Gift WaterART  Buoyancy Belt, Foam weights (5 inch).

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WaterART Enthusiast Membership

Product Description

  • You receive the WaterART  less buoyant belt
  • Foam Weights (5 inch)
    • If you would like to apply the membership discount to apply to a product purchase(s) right away- a head office agent does need to mark the order completed as discount will  not automate until the head office clicks this “paid in full”.
    • Also, if you would like to order a membership & some other products  (that would fit into one box or one  shipment ) please phone with order or enter in order and we can take payment over the phone to discount shipping cost or email us to mention that you are ordering another product or educational package to ship together.
    • The apps are free to download via App store for iOS(iPhone/iPad etc) devices and Google Play for Android devices
    • sku:WP-Enthusiast-belt-dumbbells

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 36 × 31 × 9 cm
Buoyancy Belt

More buoyancy – WaterART Jog Belt, 4 Block Belt (adjustable buoyancy), Less buoyancy belt- skinny Belt