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How to Order Online

If you have been receiving e-newsletters from WaterART, or have purchased any products in the past you are alreadya client in our administration ur system, so please do not create another account otherwise your order history, qualifications, membership discounts, will not view nor apply properly. If you are returning client  MY ACCOUNT section (top right hand corner of website)
If you are  NEW to WaterART, you may create an account

STEP 1 Log In At Top Right Hand Corner Of Our Website or Returning Client just log in to MY ACCOUNT SECTION or  if you are a New Client please CREATE AN ACCOUNT

STEP 2 Enter In Your User Name which if you are a returning client is your email address on file (whatever@domain.com) if you have changed this - please

Contact Us to update your account.

STEP 3 Enter In Your Password. If you have forgotten it  OR don't know it, simply click the "forgotten password" link and it will be automatically emailed to the email address that we have on your account. If you have changed your email - you need to
contact us so we may uptade this on your account

STEP 4 Add whatever you like to shopping cart. All products are on the left hand tool bar ( 3 section down) and you need to scroll down and click "add to shopping cart" to add them to your online order. If you can't find a product  - simply enter in the name or a brief description into the advanced search engine ( top left hand of website) then click button below and everything should display.

If you have a discount coupon code, enter it in where it says "Redeem Coupon Code" on the page you enter you enter credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Always remember to CLICK the update button to redeem coupon especially when you are changing the number of items in your shopping cart (button applies changes) P.S. There is also a tutorial online that may help you to navigate around our website (top right corner this website).

Our e-retail system is PayPal (which is secure system). WaterART does not see your credit card information as it is an encrypted and secure system.
You may log in with your own PayPal account OR sign in as a guest. YOu will be required to input 

1)     NAME ON THE CARD - exact name with initial if applicable John J Doe

2)     BILLING ADDRESS - where the credit card statement gets mailed

3)     TYPE & NUMBERS & EXPIRATION of Credit Card

4)     AUTHENTICITY CODE - this is the secure number on the back above the signature 

5)     To make online transactions secure - generally you have set a secure password on your card or account so that no one else may utilize it. We can not set your password - ONLY you may set it so you should make sure you have a password created and set.


You may also PHONE your ORDER at (416) 621-0821 Toll Free 1-866-5-GET WET (438-938) We need the correct spelling of your full name and the billing address for the credit card holder as well as 3 or 4 digit authenticity number.


EMAIL - E- money transfer  -

or  PURCHASE ORDER - please provide proper paperwork with signature.
FAX number is  (416) 621-0951 - print neatly and add contact information.
Always include Shipping address and Billing address (as it may be different)

You may also MAIL a money order OR Cheque/Check

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