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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Once you become a Certified Aquatic  Fitness Instructor and begin to teach you will quickly realize that there can be a wide assortment of people in your programs. You will also notice that each person may have a  different level of enthusiasm for the exercises that you are suggesting .  Just as we all have preferences for different kinds of food, or the places we choose for a holiday, we all have preferences for how we move our bodies.  Your job as an Instructor is to add variety to you programs so that each person feels some form of success as they leave the pool. 

The water may offer many options for programming to suit just about every part of the population. For some people program preference is one offering  a variety of mixed formats into one class, whereas other people may prefer programs that stay with one specific format or goal.  

To be a First Class Instructor you need to be able to jump into either kind of class with confidence. 
But if you think this might take many days of attending different workshops - not so !...Attend the  WaterART annual conference where you can (literally)  jump  in the pool and enjoy the many  workshop offerings  that will give you the ideas you need to make your life easier and your programs more successful.

Shallow water programming can make the most of your moves using speed and intensity levels.  Many people do not like to  lift their feet off the pool floor. You can learn how to mix working positions with basic moves to provide effective exercise for these people .  And they don't have to get their hair wet.

Many people want to work their core  and work on muscle training . A deep water program is key to  learning muscular balance using control and anchoring down against buoyancy.  A buoyancy belt or noodle is used in this type of program.

Help the Senior population remain active, independent and  happy with functional water training for injury prevention and building sufficient stamina to enjoy daily, social and sports activities.   

The classroom sessions will provide all instructors with up to date information  to improve on their water education and become motivated to keep doing a great job.

TaeKwonAqua  is not only fun in the water it is a great way to use the water resistance as way to train for superior strength and flexibility that is required for the land martial arts.  Test your power against the power of water.

There are over 100 types of arthritis and water can be the means of providing relief from the joint and muscle pain associated with this condition.   The resistance of water can provide gentle massage with every movement, while buoyancy and hydrostatic  pressure can de-stress the bone on bone joint action. Movement that is difficult on land is made easier in the water where everyone can train in their own personal comfort zone.

The Mind Body program has been developed to combine the disciplines of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates in a relaxing and self awareness program.  The many movements of Tai Chi can easily blend into the more stationary poses or "asanas" of Yoga while balance and core strength is developed with Pilates exercises using both shallow and deep depths of water.

Everyone wants "Abs of Steel".  Use the water to train for a strong abdominal core without  involving those tiresome "sit ups " of land exercise.  For Awesome Abdominals come to water training it IS the best place to train.  Learn the many ways that each abdominal muscle group can be trained to suit any member in your program.

You don't have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy Synchrofit  which combines the many benefits of synchronized swimming with regular aquatic fitness.  This is THE most fun you can have in the water whether you are a swimmer or non-swimmer.  All you need is the love of fun and water to learn this invigorating workout.

Use a noodle or a buoyancy belt and enjoy deep water cycling .  On land Cycling is a very active sport but  you need a bike!  There are programs in water using aquatic cycles but the equipment is expensive and take up a lot of space in a pool .You can have more exercise in the  water with over 100 ways to use your noodle cycle while gaining superior core action. SO Come and find out.

Mixing Shallow and Deep programs is a great way to utilize both ends of the pool for one program.  There are endless ways to train the same fitness component in both depths.  Learn to cross train your participants with the many benefits of both depths.

For the serious exerciser who want to gain the most benefits in the least amount of time step up to Aquatic Boot Camp for a brilliant mix of cardio with muscular conditioning.  This is a great way to get that "Weekend Warrior" into the pool for cross training.

If you can't attend the conference - chat with your Director about hosting a training event OR pick up a DVD/video streaming  on the many innovative programs we offer. Often learning something new and enjoyable will keep you at the top of your industry. For more information Email Us .

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