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The A to Z Resolutions for 2016

A- ANOTHER  New Year  the time when many people decide that they will make a resolution for a healthier lifestyle - to start an exercise regimen, go on a new diet -or make a change of career - and so on.  But first you must decide if each resolution is ACHIEVABLE.

B- the BIG question is "How long will this last?" "Can I make it through the first month?" It will if you BEGIN with tiny steps and when you feel ready  add something BIGGER.  You will make it through a whole year!


C - You CAN do this if you CHOOSE CAREFULLY  - for example start with something as easy as to drink one less CUP OF COFFEE per day.


D- Make simple DECISIONS - such as DOWNSIZING your wardrobe - how many things do you have in your closet that have not seen DAYLIGHT in the last 3 years?  DON'T go on a fad DIET!! Look at your DAILY DIET and DECIDE what you can live with. Include things you like from all the food groups.  Make your plate colorful. Eat a piece of fruit and drink a glass of water with each meal - that may be a good starting point.


E- many people decide to change their EATING habits  but don't change EVERYTHING at once . EASY does it you are allowed to ENJOY your food. Of course EXERCISE regularly, walk the dog,  join a fitness program - make sure it is something you ENJOY. Preferably cross train to avoid boredom or over-training with specific regimen.


F- FRIENDS, FAMILY & FOOD  - FIND time to visit with the people around you. Enjoy a meal while sitting around the table talking and enjoying good company. FIND a happy medium between working time and FUN time.


G- GOALS - what do you really need in your life?  GOOD times, a GUARANTEED income, or just allow yourself to GO WITH THE FLOW and see what happens?


H- HEALTH & HAPPINESS should be top of the resolutions list; not just for yourself,  but for those around you.  This should be easy if you stick with A to Z.


I - INSURE  that this time next year you can look back and feel satisfied that you are a winner. If you have experienced INTERMITTENT lapses at times, forgive yourself and start over.


J- JUST MOVE IT!! Be JOYFUL. Keep a JOURNAL of all achievements however small.


K- KNOW your own strengths and weaknesses especially when it comes to food. Chocolate, a glass of wine, that cheese dip at a party and all the temptations that cross your path.  You don't have to deny yourself all the time but KEEP track of the CALORIES (intake) and KILOCALORIES (output).  Realize there are 4 calories in one gram of Protein and Carbohydrates, 9 in a gram of Fat and 7 calories in one gram of Alcohol – often ignored in a calorie count


L - LOOK and LISTEN to the people around you. LOOK everyone in the eye when you speak. LISTEN to what they have to say.  Try to LEARN something new every day - enjoy LIFE!


M- MIND over MATTER - take time for yourself every day.  You are worth it! Give yourself a few quiet MOMENTS every day to re-charge your batteries. Sit down and listen to MUSIC,close your eyes, listen to the sound and see the colors or shapes that come to MIND.  It doesn't MATTER if the house isn't absolutely tidy all the time - in fact it may be more welcoming if it looks like it is lived in.


N - NOSHING  - an English expression for snacking.  We all do it -so take a look at what is being NOSHED and try to think of some healthy snacks that could be inserted as alternates occasionally - then add more frequently.  It is said that if you watch an action program on TV you eat faster without realizing what is going into the mouth. This may be a good time to insert the NO snack rule.


O- OPEN your eyes to what is going on around you. When traveling or in new territory be aware of your surroundings, stay safe.

Do you have an definite OPINIONS - are you OPEN to listening to OTHERS?.


P - The three P's PROTECTION, PERMISSION AND PLEASURE.  PROTECT yourself, know your B.P. measurement it could save your life. Give yourself PERMISSION for a day to goof off for some "me" time, take a friend or enjoy alone. Write down one thing EVERY DAY that gave you PLEASURE.  


Q  - ask QUESTIONS.  If you don't understand something, ask first and act second you may save yourself a lot of time, frustration and anxiety.


R- REST - take a break, REST your eyes from the computer screen. Learn to RELAX - put your feet up once in a while. READ at least one book from start to finish.


S- SING - it is said that you can live five years longer if you sing.  Singing creates endorphins - the happy pills that accumulate in your body. You may be tone deaf so sing when alone in the car, SING in the SHOWER,  be SOCIABLE SO... don't volunteer to SING karaoke. SAVE the embarrassment!


T- TURN OFF TECHNOLOGY AND TALK for a change. Have you ever kept track of how many hours a day you spend TALKING on the TELEPHONE, TEXTING, TWEETING, TWITTERING OR TUMBLING?   When was the last time you had a really good face-to-face TALK with co-workers, friends,family or simply someone on a bus or plane. Do you even remember how to have a proper conversation or eat a full meal without getting out the TELEPHONE to show off all the photos or to send or answer a text?  Think about it if we keep TEXTING there will be an explosion of DIGITAL THUMB. 


U - UNDERTAKE  to do one new thing each year.  This could be  as simple as donating blood, visiting the dentist, getting  your nails done, running a marathon (well maybe that's not so easy). It is said you get more from giving than receiving so USE your time wisely to give a helping hand where you can see it is needed.


V- VARIETY is the spice of life. Don't spend your life doing the "same old same old" it leads to boredom and familiarity.  Work on all these letters and be adventuresome, enjoy life.


X- X marks the spot. Now is the time to put an X on the calendar for all the upcoming birthdays, anniversaries and special moments you plan to enjoy throughout the upcoming year.  Make sure to go the EXTRA mile to make these things happen.


Y- YOU are worth it! - Look after YOURSELF and stay on track. This is going to be YOUR YEAR to keep those resolutions!


Z- ZZZs  Make sure your get enough ZZZs every night. Don't watch the TV in the bedroom. Having a little quite time before bed and 7 hours of good sleep will keep you happy and healthy, ready to get up to tackle another busy day.



Contact us if you have a question, idea or simply need some help!


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