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Aquatic Sports Conditioning

Al l ages, and clientele may be programmed with Water Exercise. This is the typical clientele that we are seeing in for Sports Conditioning water programming :

  1. People who want to work more intense ( including  Fit Seniors/ Baby Boomers)

  2. A person who prefers no nonsense (they may have some medical conditions

  3. Over trained - Injured Athletes ( yes they are finally coming to the water !)

1 ) The New Exercise Population :

  • The "Senior Generation" and retirees are coming to the water for exercise.

  • Many are "formerly fit" people and may be either  retiring at an earlier age and now find they have more time on their hands

  • Baby Boomers who may no longer take land exercise (and its impact).

  • The present day work force has changed dramatically over the years. Many people now work from home with adjustable hours that allow for more "personal time".

A lot of these people are coming to the water for exercise but are finding that working and playing too hard has taken a toll on their bodies. These are the people who seek, simple, health enhancing programs that will produce positive results in a time efficient manner.

Water can offer exercise that is safe and effective for improving living and playing on land. These gains are made in a buoyant, resistive environment where gravity-based impact can be controlled, range of motion is enhanced and the danger of falling is minimized. Paying customers want educated instructors who can develop lifetime exercise skills that allow them to progress, at their personal pace, while responding to their changing health needs.

2) No Nonsense Workout Clientele:

Not everyone enjoys dance or music and movement. Some prefer a skills and drills style of workout that reflects training as an athlete for a sport. Working individually or as a team may draw new people to your aquatic fitness program. People who are coming to the water looking for a program offering a higher intensity level as cross training for a specific land sport or to increase their present fitness levels. They need a specific program that is sufficiently challenging to achieve these goals.


A Sports Conditioning Training Program can be developed to help the people gain the most out of their time in the water. Studies show that water training may effectively maintain and/or improve athletic performance. Water offers specific training for sports by providing variable resistance training, superior cardiovascular challenge, improved flexibility and overall core stabilization. Water Sports Exercise in a small group gives the participants the opportunity to establish group and individual goals in a competitive setting.

3) Athletes who have over-trained

Athletes are running, swimming, skating, lifting, and throwing faster and better than ever before. Many factors are contributing to this, but perhaps the most important is the advancement of sports medicine knowledge. There is one general drawback to this phenomenon, the athlete's ability to endure and adapt to intense training. Ten to twenty percent of all athletes that train intensely suffer from over-training. These athletes are unable to train and perform to further their training capacity. Other problems may result that require medical attention. The condition may occur from training at high intensity too early in the training cycle. Usually that is due to poor planning for their training program. Research has shown that athletes with similar fitness levels can respond quite differently to the same volume and intensity of exercise. Therefore, it is important to get to know your athlete so that you may better predict their capacity for physical and psychological training.

Healing Properties of Water Exercise

The properties of water act to facilitate a protective environment thus providing optimum healing.  When injuries occur, water training is a great exercise modality.  If the body is injured, shallow water training will be the easiest method.  If the lower body is injured, deep water training may be the best choice since the lower body may be completely unloaded to impact. Water exercise is especially beneficial since overall body training and stabilization may be trained by the natural resistance of the water.  The properties of water that help to heal and facilitate injured or top athletes as follows: buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, analgesia, resistance, ability to load and unload the joints, to name a few.

Tips for Injury prevention

  •  Participate in a well-balanced stretching and strengthening program

  • Warm up and warm down properly before and after exercise, especially competition or sport

  •  Wear protective clothing as prescribed for the sport

Aquatic Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification is a Comprehensive Certification that requires both a theory & practical assessment for all candidates. 

The Exam process is the same whether candidates completes home study or onsite training. All candidates will have up to six months after the training or purchase of the materials to complete the examination process. Click here for more details. Completing another level of qualification will automatically update your existing qualfications for two years from passing date of this program.

For more informaton please email us or  click here 

Full PDF Article click here

Check out our Advanced Programming DVDs

DVD005 - Advanced Muscles (WO)

DVD008 - Advanced Deep H2 Workout (WO)

DVD017 - Personal Training H20 Assessments(ED)

DVD018 - Foam Weights Workout (WO)

DVD019 - Personal Trainer Posture Analysis, Exercise Inventory (ED)

DVD021 -Finning,The Ultimate Butt Burner & Program for Swimmers (ED)

DVD023 - TaeKwonAQUA Instructor Program (ED)

DVD030 - Sports Conditioning Workout (WO)

DVD037 - Step Splash Instructor (ED)

DVD038 - Cardio Combos Program (ED)

DVD039 - Awesome Abdominals (ED)

DVD040 - Resistive Paddle Program (ED)

DVD041 - Fit Band Workout (ED)

DVD042 - Advanced Buoyancy Cuffs (ED)

DVD043 - Aquatic Rehabilitation for Lower Extremities with cert (ED)

DVD044 - Aquatic Rehabilitation for the Spine with cert (ED)

DVD045 - Aquatic Rehabilitation for Upper Extremities with cert (ED)

DVD054 - Sports Training with Kickers & Boxers (WO)

DVD055 - Aquatic Cycling Workout (WO)

DVD056 - Deep H20 Running Workout (WO)

DVD060 - Advanced Dumbbells and Shoulder Impingement (WO)

DVD064 -  Shallow & Deep - Teaching a Combo Class (WO)

DVD085-Aquatic Stepping (WO)

DVD086-Aquatic Personal Trainer Program ( Guided Tutorials  -2 DVDs)

DVD087-Aquatic Personal Trainer Assessments (Guided Tutorials)

DVD088-Aquatic Personal Trainer Program Tutorial  (Guided Tutorials)

DVD095 - Noodle Boot Camp ( 2 DVD WO)

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