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Buoyancy Shorts - Especially for Sinkers


Are you (or do you know someone) who loves to be in the water? Especially deep water!

Although the vast majority of people who come to a pool program have sufficient "built in" buoyancy and can handle a workout successfully, there are people out there who are constantly fighting to stay afloat even when assisted by wearing a buoyancy belt or using a noodle. These are the sinkers who may never maximize their core training or finish a complete workout because they tire far too quickly with their struggle to keep their heads above water.

But now help is on the way - we welcome
Buoyancy Shorts or Pants!

  • Buoyancy shorts are designed to help you float while allowing you the freedom to swim, dive, jump into the water as you would if wearing any other bathing suit.

  • The snug fit on the leg ensures a positive upward motion without uncomfortable shifting or bulging.

  • Buoyancy shorts offers the ability to re-arrange the floating panels to allow customization to suit your activity.

  • When not required for buoyancy, the "buoyancy panels" can be removed so they can be worn as an ordinary pair of shorts.

  • Our unique custom artwork is sublimated onto a unique high tech swimwear fabric ensuring long life and no fading from chlorine, salt water or due to sun exposure.  

  • Our shorts are made under our supervision to ensure the highest quality of production.

  • All seams are reinforced and will not rip or separate.


But there ARE MORE USES for Buoyancy Shorts!!!

Many People need Joint Protection:

The goal for aquatic fitness is to maximize muscle conditioning without bouncing and jumping - because momentum simply  doesn't work the core. Buoyancy shorts can assist people who need to unload vertical stress from their aching joints. These shorts will allow them to work on their abdominal musculature by learning to anchor without any impact or offer added  assistance to keep the feet off the pool bottom and complete the duration of the workout.. Additionally, clients may feel more confident wearing the shorts because they can help to hold in comfortable body positions for a longer period to engage their abdominal muscles.


Perfect for People who Cannot Wear a Buoyancy Belt

When wearing a buoyancy belt it is important that it be fitted correctly. One size does not fit all. There are some people who cannot tolerate a belt around the waist or cannot anchor correctly so are constantly tugging it back into place. Wearing buoyancy shorts can solve this problem -they don't have to use a buoyancy belt or other aids to achieve suspended movements


Buoyancy Shorts are perfect for other activities too!

Buoyancy shorts are designed to help you float while allowing you the freedom to swim, dive, jump into the water as you would wearing any other bathing suit.

  • Boating

  • Water skiing

  • Paddle boarding

  • Kayaking

  • Canoeing

  • or simply floating and relaxing.


Remember you may choose the custom print - nature scene, animals, cartoons, cars, endless more possibilities.More

Details on Buoyancy Shorts

More Details on DVD093 

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