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Happiness is .... Fun in the Water

Have you ever asked yourself what is the main reason you keep coming to the pool?

Is it strictly for the exercise? Do you laugh because you have some fun or do you remain deadly serious? Even if you only manage a smile during the class you probably create that "happiness" buzz by the end of the program and leave with a contented heart and a body full of endorphins. Could this be the REAL reason for your pool program? If not - it should be.

Laughter is the best medicine for everyone, great for relaxing and letting go, and provides the best abdominal exercise you can treat yourself to - the belly laugh. Laughter denotes happiness - Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines Happiness as: "The quality or state of being happy", good fortune, pleasure and contentment. This can be related to a particular thing or event that occurs during the day and that event should be your time in the water.

Don't ever think that an exercise regimen should not be taken seriously - but you must allow yourself some fun. Functional exercise is the key to healthy fitness and FUN is the key to healthy happiness.

Don't worry - be happy!


Don't take yourself seriously!


It is easy to design a happy, healthy program - the main idea is to get moving and incorporate all the variety of themes you can think of.

For example: Fun movement for daily activities:

Active movements, which closely resemble daily activities, can easily be integrated into the class format to stretch and strengthen the muscles required for such tasks. This creates muscle memory and can elicit a faster response if an emergency situation, such as tripping or stumbling, arises.

  • Vacuuming requires walking and multi-directional lunging, pushing and pulling the arms through the water - add side rock and feel the extra massage on the limbs. It can be much more fun to vacuum in the water!

  • Getting in and out of a vehicle requires balance and a change in direction and height. Lift the knee to step over a noodle and if you can lift it back again without getting the foot caught - you feel success. But if you do get the foot caught on the noodle - so what? Let go of the noodle and take time to laugh.

  • Driving a car calls for mental alertness, coordination and some rotation,- Get everyone moving then throw in a surprise body check to trigger the fast twitch muscle fibers.

Walk with a partner using two noodles to co-ordinate the opposition arm leg move.- Did you get it right? If you didn't - you probably both ended up laughing. Turn to face each other and try walking in one direction across the pool. Once you stop laughing long enough to decide who is going backwards he/she can turn the head to look over the shoulder.

It's fun to hold hands in a circle    



or decide who has to go backwards



Dance for fun :

If you're looking for even more fun to perk up your class add in some dance moves. Most people love to dance “ even if they have two left feet- so putting some dance moves into your water program can get people moving without stepping on anyone's toes. Try a Conga line - follow the leader and dance. No one will keep in time to the music but who really cares? Don't worry be happy! Dancing uses the large muscles in the legs which generate heat and burn calories. You can incorporate some simple arms and jump for joy.

Use shapes and patterns:

Get people off their chosen spot¯ in the pool. Introduce a change in water depth; work in circles, squares, and lines or use changes of direction. These patterns will allow participants to discover that waist deep water allows for faster movement while shoulder depth provides a lot more resistance.

The best thing about trying a circle in a pool with a change in water depth is that it encourages the shallow water-babies¯ to try a slightly deeper depth using the safety of holding hands and without having to take the feet off the floor!

No matter what you try just keep everyone moving to do the best they can. Keep them warm & Happy so each person will have some fun and feel successful.

At the end of a program, have everyone show off their favorite" move and share the happiness. You may be surprised how happy you will be!
Everyone should leave feeling energized having had a good workout and can't wait to come back for more!

Top Products to Add Joy to your Programs

Contact us for more fun and Instructor Training workshops in 2015

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