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Welcome Aboard!
There is always a need for either full time or part time instructors as fitness industry is growing on a daily basis. Instructors are expanding and changing their career options with both land and/or aquatic fitness. The one thing WaterART Fitness understands is that there seems to never be enough Qualified & Certified Instructors. With that said instructors are all ages, fitness levels,  and come from a variety of educational and/training backgrounds including: retired teachers, nurses, fitness participant, swimmer, lifeguard or simply new and interested. There is no perfect background for an instructor; however, if you are interested and passionate about helping people to improve their health and well-being, then this could be a great career option to choose.

Where can you work? 

Certified Fitness Instructors may work in many styles of both public and private locations. Check out City Parks and Recreation, condominiums,  private clubs, schools, JCC, YMCAs, YWCAs Corporations, as well as you may specialize and work pools in private homes. There are really endless opportunities.

Industry standards require that all instructors be certified and qualified by an approved organization such as WaterART Fitness. Exercise Safety and liability protection is the most important reason to achieve Certification. Instructors who achieve Certification are eligible for insurance and liability protection. 

To become certified each candidate is required to complete both theory and practical sections of the exam with a passing grade of 75% for each segment

Instructors may become Certified and Qualified either via ONSITE educational (you do training at a scheduled location guided by a Certified WaterART Master Trainer) or HOMESTUDY/ONLINE Education (at home with self learning techniques).

The examination process is the same whether you complete onsite or via home study education or a combination of both learning methods.

We recommend that all new instructors that do not have an exercise science background and/or have a lot of challenge with theoretical information or writing exams should purchase the tutorials. The tutorials are a new option to the WaterART programs as these programs provide comprehensive narration and delivery of exercise science information in a very easy to understand DVD format. 

The Goal of our WaterART Fitness Training Programs is to help the instructor provide exercise safety and appropriate exercise inventory for a general group exercise program. For your information, the groups that typically show up for exercise class may be a very diverse population with a huge range of ages, skills and  health histories and medical issues. The goal is to train the instructor to monitor and regulate intensity level so that all participants are trained at their personal best (not too much or too little intensity). We provide a system of teaching basic moves that can provide multi-level programming with progressions and modifications.

In addition to the Basic Instructor certification WaterART offers more specialized training for programs such as Arthritis, Movement Disorders, Mind Body, the Senior Population, Kids, Post-Rehabilitation and Personal Training.  This allows the professional to deliver appropriate programming for the clients that require special attention as well as being able to offer a wider variety of classes.

Teaching general group exercise requires different responsibilities, skills and education compared to one on one or personal training. WaterART recommends that  candidates start at the basic Instructor level to learn the foundation of program and exercise science design.

All instructors must achieve lifeguarding qualifications and/or emergency safety qualifications prior to becoming full qualified. However, candidates may take the course and complete these requirements after the course or training but to become fully Certified - all candidates require some form of emergency safety training for liability reasons. Often employers demand different standards so it may be best to check with your potential employer first.

         How do I get started in the Fitness Industry?

  • Check out the fitness facilities in your area and get to know their programs.

  • Take part in a wide variety of fitness classes.

  • Decide what type of fitness interests you the most. If teaching fitness doesn't keep your interest you won't enjoy teaching

  • Volunteer your services. 

  •  Talk to class participants, find out their goals and/or needs for a program.

  •  Talk to facility directors, instructors, personal trainers find out if they will help you with training.  

        Where can I look for a job?  

  • All community centers, condominiums, private clubs, YMCAs, YWCAs, Spas and Golf clubs may have fitness facilities and pools that offer job opportunities.

  • Check out your local fitness facilities looking for group instructors.

  • Check bulletin boards for people looking for a personal trainer.

  • Large companies with fitness centers, vacation centers, hotels, and cruise ships

  • Check out our WaterART website for job postings

Do I need to become Certified before I start teaching? 

  • Definitely YES

  • Realize that it is extremely important to become certified for the type of fitness you will be teaching. (land or water, group or personal training, specialty training versus general training)

  • For instance: if you are only interested in group instruction for healthy people then a general certification may be adequate.

  • If you plan to advance to teach in a specialized area such as for an Arthritis or Rehabilitation Program, or decide to offer personal training then you need to upgrade your certification for that specific area. Never claim to be knowledgeable in an area of fitness for which you have not received Certification. Also, assume jumping into a post rehabilitation or personal trainer position will require advanced knowledge - so if you dont know the foundation (the Instructor program) then completing the examination process will become exponentially impossible unless you purchase the DVD Tutorial programs to supplement your education.

If you are interested in becoming Certified with WaterART Fitness, here's some information that you might very helpful:

  • you may create an account with us (no charge to receive our complimentary e-newsletter monthly) see link

  • All WaterART Educational programs are available via home study resources water or land (you purchase online & complete at home) OR via onsite training events guided with Master Trainer.

  • Instructors receive the exact same Certification & Qualifications whether they complete onsite training or homestudy education

  • Everyone learns uniquely. Most instructors need more practical applications to fully comprehend the process.

  • All Certification programs involve a good balance of both theory education and practical teaching skills.

  • All Certification programs have unique manuals, reference cards, study guide questions and answers as well as excellent DVDs to supplement visual learning.

  • All courses are for INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY. Each person must purchase their own course or onsite materials for certification.
    All exams  must be completed in your own time within (4 months for ONSITE training) OR (6 months for home study).

  • There are late penalty fees after this date and after a year we no longer take the exam submission.

  •  Details of full Certification ( onsite or home study) process

How often do I need to renew my WaterART Certification's?

            If I have more than one WaterART Certification do I have to renew each one separately?

  • No. You need only renew once. When you complete another level of Certification or the required 16.0 CECs you will automatically renew all levels of WaterART Certification. We encourage you to have more qualifications so there is not a renewal fee with each level. If you complete another level of Certification, all qualifications are automatically updated 2 years from your passing date of the newest exam.

             Liability Insurance Availability

Only Certified Instructors or Trainers that possess a valid diploma may utilize the title Certified. Certified Instructors or Trainers are eligible for liability insurance coverage. WaterART is the only recognized Aquatic Fitness provider for the Ontario Fitness Council (OFC)  & Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario (FPAO) which is part of the NFLA -National Fitness Leadership Association (British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, Alberta Fitness Certification Leadership Association, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, Manitoba Fitness Council, Fitness Practitioners Association of Ontario/OFC, Fitness New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia Fitness Association). These organizations were unanimously approved by the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals Board, ICREPS is supported and promoted by IHRSA 

In Canada.:
 Ontario Fitness Council (2 years of commercial general liability for $205.00) Additionally places you on International Registry of Exercise Professionals. 

Jeff Angus at 1-800-671-4632

In USA: Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation  1(800) 844-0536 Madison, MS. or  Sadler & Company Inc.    1-800-622-7370

If you want to register to an event, please click here.

If you want to order home study,  please click here for water programs
. & here for land programs

HOW TO COMPLETE THE FULL CERTIFICATION- Lots of Options & Opportunities!




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