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How To Utilize Resistive Flex Paddles

Paddles like any piece of equipment need to be "added" to the program gradually and participants may not be able to all perform the same exercises. You may use the paddles for a portion of the class initially and then build to a full program balancing muscular work, cardiovascular training, flexibility, agility and coordination with muscular training. When in doubt, err on the conservative side and allow participants to do class without equipment.

Overview of Paddle Equipment

  • Resistance equipment

  • Does not corrode, or break down

  • Easy storage, light weight

  • Affordable - lasts many years

  • Easy to use / hold

  • Lots of program applications

PROGRESSIONS:  "teach how to use and how to program their workout"

LEVEL 1:  Make sure everyone knows how to target the muscle group without equipment
LEVEL 2 : Slice paddle - open vanes & use as an extension of the arm (  5 levels to close vanes)
LEVEL 3:  Perpendicular paddle - open vanes
LEVEL 4:  Perpendicular paddle - one open vane, one closed vane " upper"open & lower-closed
LEVEL 5:  Perpendicular paddle - two closed vanes - 5 levels to close vanes


  • May use one paddle /person or 2 paddles /person

  • As a complete workout or a part of a class

  • Program applications: CV, muscular strength & endurance, range of motion, agility, co ordination ( sports specific), activities of daily living (ADL's)


  • Large Rhythmically muscle work - primarily lower body

  • Use paddles for drag resistance, resisting travel - jog, bicycle, cross country, kick 

Muscular Work:

  • To provide "Overload" to receive a training effect - Hypertrophy vs Atrophy

  •  Target Intended muscle using appropriate joint action

  • 1-2 sets of 8-25 repetitions depending on fitness level, muscle fibre type, skill, & motivation


  • Typically when you strengthen a weak muscle you stretch a tight muscle.

  • Just remember to unload the muscle, relax and breathe more fully throughout

  • Active stretching is equally effective as static or holding positions in the water   

Sports Moves: Agility, coordination, proprioception:

  • Simulate lots of sports moves especially tennis, racquet ball, squash, baseball and golf

  • Balance rotator cuff moves - posterior deltoid, rhomboids, add "scapular stabilization"

Activities of Daily Living (ADL's):

  • Simulate lots of house hold chores: mopping, sweeping, lifting , vacuuming,

  • Simulate lots of outside chores: raking leaves, shovelling snow, lifting garbage

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DVD040 - Resistive Paddle  Program DVD (over 100 exercises & variations great for all fitness levels)

Download Adobe PDF - Flex Paddles for Functional Training

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