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Why Use a Microphone ?

As WaterART Instructors we encounter many challenges when teaching at poolside - one of the greatest challenges is projecting instruction loud enough to be heard by the people in the pool.  Acoustics in most pools are notoriously poor because of the echoing effect of water, noise from other pool users and music that may or may not be part of the on-going program.  Although it is possible for an Instructor to provide a lot of visual cuing there comes a time when the participants need to be able to hear clear instruction.

The role of each Instructor is to help their class understand what exercise they are doing (and why) by providing tips for each exercise to enable them to become successful.  This is the key to effective training.  Additionally, providing verbal instruction to move at a "self-paced" personal best will allow clients with multi-level skills and/or fitness levels to enjoy a safe workout.
Most pool instructors will benefit by using a microphone to amplify instruction.

Voice amplifiers are especially helpful in the pools because:

  •  Enhances enjoyment for participants because they can hear and understand better

  •  Makes life generally more pleasant and less frustrating for the Instructor  who is trying to be heard

  •  Less need for repetition, fewer misunderstandings.

  •  Minimizes overall strain and fatigue by synchronizing verbal and visual cuing

  •  Promotes more control for those who previously could not be heard sufficiently over the "pool talkers" to take charge of the class.

  • Additionally, a voice amplifier can be useful to anyone with a weak voice or a throat problem such as vocal cord nodules as it will rest the throat to allow healing or to avoid further damage.

    What are Vocal Cord  Nodules?
    A vocal cord nodule is a mass of tissue that grows on vocal cords which reduces or obstructs the ability of the vocal folds to create the rapid changes in air pressure which generates human speech and sounds. Symptoms of having vocal nodules include raspy throats, hoarseness, painful speech production, frequent vocal breaks, and reduced vocal range. Vocal fold nodules develop mostly in adult females, and children of both sexes. (Wiki 2014)

    The nodules appear as symmetrical swellings on both sides of the vocal cords. The cause of these little formations on the back of the throat are usually attributed to strenuous or abusive vocal  practices such as yelling, speaking constantly in a loud voice to a group and/or coughing. Those who use their voice constantly in a poor environment such as a pool and do not use a proper microphone are prone to this voice injury..

    A Voice Amplifier can be a truly a wonderful asset to assist anyone working with  the public - (with or without a voice problem).  In addition to Fitness Professionals, people such as tour guides, teachers, sports coaches, clergy, entertainers, and any public speaker, can benefit by being heard when talking to groups or vocalizing in a large, noisy space.

    Another use of a personal amplifier is that it can improve communication with those with hearing problems - a relief to both speaker and listener

  • Lets those with hearing impairment hear themselves better during speech practice - while improving tone and articulation, learning, esophageal speech, reacquiring speech after stroke or injury, etc.

  • Allows longer phrasing for esophageal speakers.

  • Helps develop poise and self-confidence in those not accustomed to public speaking.

  • Makes life generally more pleasant and less frustrating both for people who want to be heard and for the family, friends, caregivers and teachers who want to be able to hear them easily.

  • Promotes independence and self-assurance in those who previously could not "speak up" and take charge of their own lives and care.

    This may be the time to consider investing in a microphone or voice amplifier.

  • Download full PDF article click here

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