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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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Aquatic Running Instructor Certification

This training will cover 4 formats of aquatic running appropriate for the many populations and skills participating in group exercise programs:

1. Shallow H20 Running with focus on muscular balancing and injury prevention

2. Shallow H20 Running HITS (High Intensity Interval Training)

3, Deep H20  Running with focus on muscular balancing and injury  prevention 

4. Advanced Buoyancy Cuffs Deep H20 Program (performance challenge for those skilled and comfortable in the deep H20)

The goal of the program  is to provide a more athletic approach to fitness classes (weekend warrior through high performance runner). This training will help the Instructor to cross train their client(s) using the protection and multi-dimensional resistance  of water fitness. Intervals of cardiovascular conditioning will be integrated  into flexibility and muscular strengthening sets. A runner will need to  stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the weak muscles which water  exercise naturally does. Both shallow and deep water formats will be  utilized. Deep H20 will utilize a buoyant belt to allow the athletes head to stay above the water, yet learn to work high intensity without impact or joint stress. The advanced session will utilize buoyancy cuffs on the arms and legs with a variety of exercises and progressions. Buoyancy cuffs are advanced equipment for runners who are  looking for the highest performance training.

Registration  fee includes:

  • Instructor Manual with Study Guide Questions &  Answers

  • 4 Laminated pool cards

    DVD56 - Deep H20  Running Workout

  • DVD83 - Shallow H20  Running HITS Program

  • Certificate of Course Completion

  • Speciality Certification Exam Process

  • Up to 6 months to complete exam process

  • Certification Diploma, laminated Wallet card &  online profile when successful 

  • Automatic Certification Renewal and Upgraded of all WaterART qualifications for two years from passing date or when successful with the exam process.

  • Onsite training will provide 8 hours of Guided Training with a Certified WaterART Master Trainer

Table of Contents (226 pages)
Chapter 1 -    Introduction to Aquatic training
Chapter 2 -    Shallow and Deep Running Techniques
Chapter 3 -    Basic Programming for Shallow and Deep Running
Chapter 4 -    Muscle Targeting:  Muscular Endurance, Strength, Power/Plyometrics & Flexibility
Chapter 5 -    Injury Prevention, Biomechanics , Planes Of Movement and Joint Range Of Motion
Chapter 6-    Review Of Equipment That May Be Used For Overload
Chapter 7-    Add Variety To A Water Running Program
Chapter 8 -    Study Question Answer and Hand Outs
Chapter 9     Certification Information
Exam and Practical Assessment

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More information on Speciality Certification Exam Process Information
About the How to Host a Running Clinic

For more information contact us

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