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Why Kids Fitness ?

The facts are Alarming!

  • The percentage of children in  North America who are classified as over-weight (increase of 18% CDC since 2010);

  • 1 in 3 kids and teens are considered morbidly obese ( has more body fat than healthy or appropriate) as reported by CDC

  • Obesity is causing a broad range of health issues that previously were not seen until adulthood (diabetes, elevated blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes

  • Obese children are more prone to negative self-body issues, low self esteem and depression

  • 50% of children age 2-15 have fatty streaks in coronary arteries;

  • Multiple risk factors for heart disease are now seen in children as young as 2 years of age;

  • 35% of teens/adolescents report no vigorous physical activity.


Reasons that contribute to this “overweight child epidemic.”

Increased access to technology, both at school and at home, which keeps children inactive for long hours.

Parent obesity and/or lack of fitness activity planned with parents

Absence of fitness programs at schools and recreational facilities 

Lack of home-cooking (from scratch) -Too much fast food.

Transportation has to be provided –many areas too dangerous to walk

Benefits of Introducing Activity at an early age:
It is a proven fact that the longer an individual waits to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, the more likely they will become sedentary, overweight and develop illnesses that are directly related to an inactive lifestyle.


Young children are capable of learning and grasping lifestyle concepts! 
Basic information to enhance personal health can be “interwoven” into a fitness program through supporting activities.


Consider the fact that there is growing evidence that shows physical activity enhances brain function AND academic performance:


1.       A physically active child will have an advantage in learning versus their inactive counterparts.

2.       Vigorous aerobic fitness improves short-term memory, creativity & reaction time.

3.       Students involved in athletics of any variety generally have higher grades than their peers.

4.       Children who engage in daily physical education show superior motor fitness, academic performance & attitude toward school.


WaterART Fitness recommends Professionals getting involved because children and teens need positive leadership and regular exercise (period!). Most often they are not taught water exercises in their school curriculum but the schools regularly visit community centers on school trips and some may even have their own pool attached to the school – so here is your open door – find out who is running these programs and volunteer to help


WaterART Fitness is a sport of self- paced exercise design in water. We provide everyone with a system of personal best and inclusion.

WaterART Kids Instructor Program is available via home study education where you watch a DVD, follow laminated program cards and lesson plans and review the study guide questions and answers.
This program is extremely easy to organize and implement. 
Whether you teach this program as part of swim lesson time or as a separate unit, this program is a great addition to any pool program.  

Additionally, this is excellent training for lifeguards to add to their lesson plan and keep kids moving, warm as well as helping the kids learn fitness for life.
 This program is intended to help leaders facilitate children’s programs in a positive and enjoyable environment.


Our WaterART Kids Instructor program is designed for children aged 6-12; however, we suggest increments of 2 years difference when programming groups.
The lesson plans may be used in either shallow and/or deep-water exercise, and minimal equipment is required (splash balls & noodles).
You may add water buoyancy belts and mitts as well.

The program creatively combines healthy partner work to build an equal opportunity environment. 


Please GET Involved!

For more information on our  CTW007-Home Study Kids Instructor Certification Program 

For more information on our DVD024 Kids Instructor Fitness

To Download the Article click here


Aqua Fitness is for Everyone!!!

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