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Host an Aquatic Running Clinic

Everyone Welcome !

WaterART Running  Clinics are designed to educate and motivate your clientele with the benefits of an athletic water training program.
Whether this clientele is new to the water, injured, needs a training advantage or simply wants more intense workouts - then the aquatic running program offers LOW to NON Impact utilizing the protection of the water.


A Certified WaterART Master Trainer will come to your facility and guide the group exercise class through various running class formats based on the facility needs, interests and goals. Whether a weekend warrior or a serious athlete - this clinic will provide valuable tips and exercises to improve performance and prevent injuries.  

Who May Benefit?  Everyone from the Elite athlete through to the Weekend Warrior.

  • Most athletes experience one or more injuries over the course of their career.

  • Water exercise is an excellent non-impact medium for recovery and rehabilitation, while maintaining high cardiovascular endurance.

  • All athletes s are often subject to "overtraining". Water offers an excellent mode of cross training in a three dimensional protective environment.

  • Most runners experience  issues of decreased flexibility, especially in the lower back and hamstring muscles.

  • Shallow and/or deep water training helps to increase muscle balance and flexibility to ALL parts of the body.

  • A hidden secret is the advanced "core"and posture work from the many body positions of water exercise.

  • During severe or inclement weather (heat or cold) when outdoor activities are restricted, water sports movement allows participants to maintain or even increase their endurance levels (increase VO2 max).

  • This workshop will to introduce the Runner to the power and protection of water exercise in a positive way!

  • NOTE: WaterART may bring the Equipment - especially if  the pool would like to try the equipment prior to buying equipment.


Here are the Sessions to choose from:

Aquatic Rehabilitation Running Clinic

Research studies show thatwater training may effectively maintain and/or improve athletic performanceespecially to those athletes injured or wanting to prevent injury. Thissession will review techniques and exercises in the water to help with runningand performance on land. Water running offers variableresistance training to naturally stretch the tight muscles, strengthen the weakmuscles as well as provide low impact cardiovascular challenge, and superior  core stabilization. Water will also help themuscles to recover quicker by offering a free massage. Learn 12 key exercisesto keep your running programs injury free !

Shallow H20  Running Clinic

This program will be a great way for a non swimmer or a person who prefers to connect with the pool bottom to cross train for their running program. In shallow water depth, athletes may choose to work at approximately 50-0% impact level and maintain the highest cardiovascular fitness levels. This shallow water program will kick up the intensity up a notch and offer some no nonsense training programs with tubing with handles for overload and progression. This variable endurance equipment will provide a system to target the weaker muscles to protect and balance the muscles that are not typically strengthened with cardiovascular running on land.


Shallow H20 H.I.T.S Program -

Runner's who want to work harder and gain the most results in the least amount of time will benefit greatly from this High Intensity Training System(H.I.T.S) aquatic running  program. Total caloric expenditure as well as the potential to train greater oxygen capacity is achieved with H.I.T.S work intervals and active recovery. Intervals of high intensity cardiovascular training with active recovery as well as intervals of high intensity cardiovascular training with muscular balancing exercises will be demonstrated.

Deep H20 Running Clinic  
Deep water training allows for both cardiovascular movement and advanced muscular conditioning in a variety of body positions not possible on land.  This program will utilize a buoyant belt with mitts. Review exercises to provide joint protection and muscular balance as well as optimal core strengthening. 


Advanced Deep H20 Running Clinic

This class design will utilize advanced buoyancy cuffs on the arms and legs with a variety of exercises and progressions. Candidates should have experienced a deep water workout prior to attending this session and have a good comfort level in the water. This highest intensity training program will challenge event the toughest of athletes. Cuff are tough - and an excellent non nonsense workout program!


Travel cost may vary dependant on location & Master Trainer availability - but our goal is to make this as cost effective as possible.

2 hour Aquatic Running Clinic Only

  • $55.00/ person fee Includes

  • 2 hours of guided training with Master Trainer in the pool

  •   Water Mitts ( you choose S, M, L, XL )

  •   Laminated Program Reference Card

  •  Program handouts   

2 hour Aquatic Running Clinic Only

  • $119.00 person

  • 1 hour  practical pool session

  • 1  hour theory session

  • Free Pair of Speedo Water Shoes

  • DVD094 - Aquatic Stretching for Runner's

  • Program Handouts

  • Laminated Program Reference Card

  • You choose either Shallow and/or Deep H20 Depths (based on your clientele, equipment and interests)


WaterART may also provide  CEC hours for Certified Instructors (up to 8 CECs with take home quiz) if your instructor team needs CECs or AEA, ACE, WaterART, YMCA hours

 4 hour Continuing Education  CEC Workshop 

  •     $75.00 / person

  •      4 hours of guided training with Master Trainer

  •       Water Mitts ( S, M, L , XL )

  •       Intermediate Tubing with Handles

  •       Laminated program card

  •      Workshop notes


8 hour CEC Workshop

  •     $119.00 / person

  •       8 hours of guided training with Master Trainer

  •      Water Mitts ( S, M, L , XL )

  •       Intermediate Tubing with Handles

  •       Laminated program card

  •      Workshop notes

  •      Certificate of Course Completion

  •      CECs ( continuing education course credits for WaterART, OFC/FPOA, ACE, AEA)


Equipment Package & 4 hour Clinic:


  •     $119.00 / person

  •       4 hours of Guided Training with Master Trainer

  •        WaterART Mitts ( S, M, L , XL )

  •       Intermediate Tubing with Handles

  •       Pair of Buoyancy Cuffs

  •      2 Laminated Program Reference cards

  •     Workshop notes


We require 10-15 paid registrations to facilitate localized clinics.

Cost is dependent on having a local Certified Sports Conditioning Specialist in your area.

WaterART requires all registrations fees paid at least 48 hours prior to the event.

Please call or E-mail to inquire.

Let us help you to build your programs!

Phone (416) 621 0821

Toll Free 1-866-543-8938


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