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Using The Noodle for Functional Training

The noodle is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used to provide creative, functional movement in all water depths and in a wide variety of aquatic fitness programs. The noodle may provide support and confidence to the more fragile beginner as well as offer a challenging program
for the seasoned exerciser. 

All components of fitness can be targeted easily with a noodle:
participant can sit, stand, lay, or kneel on the noodle to train for balance and superior abdominal core, cardiovascular or muscle strength and flexibility.

The participant can work-out with the feet on the pool floor or in a modified suspended position, or work with a partner for coordination and sociability.


Walking is the most used exercise on land. For the new to water or the frail elderly using the noodle for assistance as the moving “wall” will get them out into the water to feel the support and resistance that water offers.The noodle can be held between partners with the new person walking forward the “helper” going backward.  Once they are confident to go it alone a light noodle can be used at first then graduate the more dense variety.


To re-train an arm swing, work with a partner to synchronize the opposition arm-leg movement.Each partner holds the end of the noodle, one walking behind the other.
Swing forward and back together in opposition to the leg movement. Progress to walking backwards together, then change direction again to forward for a few steps then go back again. 
This will train coordination and core strength and probably create a lot of laughter – best abdominal exercises.


Posture and Balance: are the key ingredients for injury prevention. To train the beginner: Walk holding the noodle horizontal behind the back at waist height – arms back in a V.

Feel the crease between the shoulder blades and the stretch across the chest. Place the noodle behind the back in an arch position.For fun try a one-leg squat – as the shoulder submerge pull the noodle ends together to target the Latissimus Dorsi to stabilize the shoulders. Repeat on the other leg – is one side easier than the other?


Prevent falls: Fall forward using the noodle both hands holding forward – try to keep both feet on the pool floor. Hold mom

entarily in layout position to anchor the body, then swing through in a bunny hopto bring the noodle to the ankles and stand tall. Repeat sideways keeping the arm straight down at the side on the side fall – hold, jump in and stand. Try backwards with the noodle behind the back – tuck the noodle around the waist on the recovery forward.

Educational Resources WITH NOODLES:


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