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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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Questions and Answers about the OFC Registry

 Gold Level Member

  • states that I can move into that level if I am a Certified Personal Trainer with an approved affiliate organization. I have my CanFit Pro PTS certification, why can’t I register into the Gold Level with that certification, along with my WaterART Certification? CSEP personal trainers are recognized by the OFC for registration purposes. As are personal trainers that have obtained certified Personal Trainer status through a College or University diploma program within the personal training field.

What is the difference between an OFC Silver Level, and an OFC Gold Level Fitness professional?

  • Gold Level Member - A Gold Member has 2 or more OFC approved Specialty Certifications, or is a Certified Personal Trainer with an approved affiliate organization.

  • When I am entering my Health/Fitness credentials during the OFC registration process, can I include my CanFit Pro Certifications so they will appear on my profile page?

  • There is a section in the online registration process, where your credentials can be entered. The section is called: Health and Fitness Certifications. EXAMPLE: You could enter – WaterART Instructor, CanFit Pro PTS, NCCP Level 3 Trained Power Skating Coach, etc.... WaterArt Administrators will be issuing a document to you, showing how to enhance your personal online profile to reflect your Aqua Fitness designation.

How much does it cost to join the OFC Registry? What are the benefits?

  • Silver Level Members have 3 options:

    Click here to learn more about the benefits:

    (Prices are shown with tax and include Registration fee + Insurance fee if applicable) Register for 2 years with Commercial General Liability Insurance 

  • $205.00 Register for 1 year with Commercial General Liability Insurance - $105.00 Register for 2 years without Insurance  $135.00 

  • If I purchase the 2 Year Registration Option, or the 1 Year Registration Option WITH Insurance will I be covered from the day I register?

    Yes. As long as you stay current with your WaterART Certification requirements and you do not let your status lapse with them, you will be covered to work anywhere in Canada (under your designated Scope of Practice) within your 1 or 2 year time frame under the Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

  • How do I enter into the OFC Registry?

    WaterART Administrators will be distributing a document to all of their Instructors titled: WaterART Registry Directions.
    This document will lead you through the process step by step.

  • Profile enhancements are done after you have completed the registration process.

    What are the OFC approved Specialty Certifications?

  •  OFC approved Specialty Certifications are internal certifications that follow specific Scopes of Practice(s). In each specialty - learning objectives, performance standards, and defined prerequisites must be met. Please click on the following link to see the lists of our OFC certification specialty certifications.

  •  Currently CanFit Pro certification Specialties are not recognized for registration purposes - as CanFit Pro is not a recognized affiliate organization of the Ontario Fitness Council.

WaterART is recognized and promoted as the exclusive providers of Aqua fitness by the OFC - WaterART Instructors are individually recognized and insured under the OFC Aquatic  Fitness Scope of Practice.

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