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Comprehensive Certification Programs

All Comprehensive Certification Programs require both theory & practical assessment to complete full Certification & standard of care.

Here are the Comprehensive Certifications:

All candidates will have up to six months or sooner to complete the examination process. Our Goal is to help you learn how to become a successful fitness leader.

How to Complete the Theory Exam Processss:

Option 1)  You may  request a link from our office when you are ready to take this exam a week in advance of taking the exam online at  info@waterart.org. This option has 50 multiple choice questions (for 100 marks) with a lesson plan upload (100 marks).To complete online theory exam,please allow at  2 hours of uninterrupted time to complete and submit Prior to requesting link we recommend  that candidates prepare a 45-60 minute lesson plan to be uploaded (PDF or word docx, doc file).Candidates will not be able to open and close the link nor resubmit the examwith the same link. In other words, candidates will have only one time to submit the theory exam. Each exam will be a randomized block ofquestions,unique for each candidate.

Option 2) Should acandidatenot have internet or become very confused with multiple choice examsor technology,they may independently request our open-ended exam (which maybe in your manual)  in the certification chapter (if not request an exam via open book)

Sharing exams and materials is strictly prohibited for both liability and copyright reasons.

How to Complete the Practical Exam Process

The practical assessments may be completed via an onsite assessment with a WaterART Master Trainer OR candidates may upload video to our private google docs ( please request a link):

Option 1: For the Onsite Practical Assessment  please prepare a 30 minute program

(You may plan with music however, be prepared not to use music.)
You may bring notes and you should get in the water and feel your program prior to teaching this. This 30 minute program should involve: the following class components - be sure to keep program flowing and from orientation the program should teach movement (not just talk)
    a)  teaching a 5-10 minute Orientation & Warm up for Group Exercise with a variety of skills and levels
    b)  teaching a 3-5 minute Cardio set for using a variety of working positions to provide changes in intensity and impact apparently healthy or body positions in deep for variety.
    c)  teaching 2 x 3-5 minute Strength sets  (be sure to perform enough sets & reps or 3-5 sets of 8-25 repetitions) . You should do an exercise and provide active recovery or fun and filler in between sets. Ideally show beginner exercise set , then progress to intermediate exercise set and then show advanced set if you feel that your group would be advanced. Again, keep everyone moving. This does not have to be stationary or boring.  If you use equipment you are evaluated on the safety and the appropriateness of using this equipment.
           d) add a fun exercise or some variety to your routine - do something that excites and energizes people ( partners, noodle exercises, short competition, fun combo,  
           e) teaching a 5-10 minute Warm Down , Relaxation and stretch. Provide closure and tips for the program.

Option 2: Candidae will request a link when you are ready to upload alesson plan  and video file(s) (in MOV or MP4 files). The practical video may be done via several file uploads; however, you will need to labeleach file in a proper order so that the assessor may easily follow your presentation. Please film your practical video at the lowest or smallestquality file size (most compact file). You may upload up to 5 sections of videoat 1 GB each.  A video file larger than 1 GBwill not be accepted. You may NOT upload a .zip file (compressed file). Practical exams (video upload) will be assessed AFTER theory exams are successful. The exception is when the candidate has prepared for an onsite practical assessment (reviewed the materials -video's, manual and study guide materials) with the Master Trainer, at the Master Trainer’s discretion. All other candidates must submit the theory exam FIRST, and, when successful, complete the practical assessment. For those candidates who do not have computers or are technology challenged: you mayrequest an open-book exam and submit your practical exam via video file on aUSB stick at the same time as the written submission. Lesson plans (pdf or.docx files) should also be uploaded with the video submission. You may utilize the same or different lesson plan as the theory lesson plan upload.

Assume different Master Trainers may mark teach part of the exam. The goal ofthe video upload is to film yourself (the instructor) so that we may both hearand see you.  You may film the program in your home (as if you are ondeck) or teach from a pool, or a combination of the two.  We recommend keeping your filming very simple, with just yourself in the video, pretending to be teaching a group exercise program. The goal is to mark the instructor, sowe need to be able to see, hear and understand your exercise goals and coaching tips. There is a detailed marking system and exam study guide questions and answer in the manual so please review this prior to submission.  Alsoreview your submission prior to upload so that you may see if you can followthe program. Remember, teaching is moving as an instructor, not just readingoff a paper. You may utilize the lesson plan but should only briefly reviewwhen necessary. A good program will be a flowing variety of exercises that everyone may easily understand and follow.  Please note we do not accept DropBox files, or other video streaming downloads due to virus, copyright andliability issues.

 You are evaluated based on:
    1) Do you understand the exercise objective & goal?
    2) Can we see, hear and understand you?
    3) Is the exercise safe, effective and enjoyable? 

We recommend keeping your video simple with a small group or just yourself in the program.  Try to avoid extra background noise and people as we need to be able to see, hear and understand the candidates teaching methodology. Always state the exercise goal and objective so that the Assessor may know what you are training and teaching. If this is a water certification -be sure to show how to utilize the properties and protection of the water even if you are filming on deck. We do need to be able to see, hear and understand you = to mark the submission.

Certification Report and Diploma: Once both parts of the certification are completed report cards are written and we email the report card to you. If successful - you will receive an official WaterART Certified E-Diploma,  Online profile or account that you may log into to show your employer or check your qualifications and expiration's.

Exam Deadlines

Any exams submitted after the 6 month period are subject to a $35.00 late fee plus applicable taxes per late exam submission or for each portion of the exam (theory or practical /case study).

Please note that we do not accept exam submissions after 1 year from the initial training date.In the event candidates can not get both parts of the exam done - we encourage you to submit at least part of the exam process; however, we only grade the exams when both parts are received or you choose to submit one part of the exam for 16. 0 CEC to requalify your existing qualifications.

If candidates are coming close to their certification expiration date, they may submit either part of the exam process for 16 hours CEC and pay for an ontime Certification renewal fee.  Note all candidates always receive a complimentary Certification renewal for all certifications  for 2 years from the  passing date of the newest exam.

For Speciality Examination Process Programs, CLICK HERE

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