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Success with a Land Chair Exercise Program
The WaterART Land Senior Instructor Certification program introduced in late 2010 has already certified over 50 new Instructors and has been a hit at numerous retirement communities from west to east.
 I received the following from Trish Newell – Wellness & Vitality Coordinator Amica at Beechwood Village, Sidney BC.
The people in her class are putting the “fun” back into functional fitness, and learning the importance of staying hydrated as they exercise.

Hi Drusilla,
I would like to share this poem one of our residents wrote for my poetry workshop:
At Beechwood a lady named Newell
Has an Exercise Class as a Rule
She preaches ‘bout water
To drink it we “aught ter”
Then try to find a Bathroom, we do all!
The author – Barb Postings is the smiling lady in the photo to the right.
She makes sure the whole class bring water to each class! They are all “having a ball!”
 Thank You Barb Posting for sharing your poem and passion for fitness and keeping everyone hydrated!
 ( We agree this is key to good health and mobility!)
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