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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
Aquatic Fitness Certification Registration
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Aquatic Parent & Tot/Toddler Instructor Certification

This program is designed to help parents maintain and enjoy fitness as they exercise with their baby or toddler through the early years. This program combines music, movement, lots of water play, functional exercise and parent-child bonding time. It is aimed at parents with babies/tots aged 8 months to 18 months or with toddlers from 18 months to 3 years.


For babies/tots, the activities focus on developing basic skills such as gross and fine motor coordination, language acquisition, and shape and color recognition � making for healthy quality time. For toddlers, the activities center on social interaction and skills, physical coordination, creative fun, songs and games with playful activity to promote a love of exercise and movement for life!


Note that this is not a swim program for baby/tot

This is a fitness program for the adult with the tot!



CTW014 Registration fee includesFee includes:

    • Parent & Tot /Toddler Instructor Manual

    • Study guide questions & answers,

    • DVD057 - Parent & Tot DVD

    • DVD075 - Parent & Toddler DVD

    • Exam Process (you will have up to six months to complete this)Certification Diploma, Laminated wallet card & online profile when successful with exam process

    • Automatic renewal of your existing WaterART Qualifications for 2 years from exam pass date when successful.

To complete home study correspondence programs, You will firstly read the manual and view the DVD.

Most professionals take 20-25 hours to complete a full program & the certification exam.


Candidates who are new to WaterART must complete BOTH theory & practical assessment.


Candidates who are currently Certified with WaterART do not have to complete a practical assessment; however, if you would like your skills reviewed we may certainly look at your practical skills.


TO COMPLETE THE THEORY EXAM: Email the answers (you do not need to re-type the questions)  
Email any questions and exams to 
info@waterart.org . 


You may also MAIL your exams to
In USA : WaterART Fitness International Inc, 210 South 8th Street, Lewiston NY 14092
In Canada: WaterART Fitness International Inc., 83 Galaxy Blvd, Unit 19, Toronto, ON M9W 5X6

(We confirm & acknowledge all emails as well as mailed exams. Assume that mailed exams will take 2-4 weeks to process and mark whereas emailed answers may take 1-2 weeks)


You have 2 options for completing the practical assessment to complete your Certification.  Only if they are not currently certified with WaterART are they required to complete a practical assessment ( or this is optional) 

 1) Submit a home VHS video or DVD of your class (the class design is written out as part of the theory exam - we follow it along with your VHS video/DVD submission) 

 See details on exam - yes, in this case you need to complete a full class...marking system is on paperwork IN BACK OF BOOK.   


2 )  Have an onsite  assessment  with Master Trainer  In this scenario, the person being assessed has to make it convenient for the assessor (i.e. probably go to their location) Each onsite assessment takes 30 minutes. It is not necessary for the Master Trainer to attend your whole program. You just have to complete the competencies.


The Onsite practical assessment will include: 


a) Answering a couple of oral questions as well as teach specific to personal safety skills


b)   Teaching a 5 minute warm up specific to safety guidelines specific to Parent & tot/toddler program     


 c)  Teaching a 3-5 minute Cardio set specific to safety and efficacy guidelines specific to Parent & tot/toddler program     


d)  Teaching two 5 minute Muscular Strength sets  ( be sure to perform enough sets & reps or 3-5 sets of 8-25 repetitions) specific to Parent & tot/toddler program     


 e)  A 3-5 minute Warm Down specific to safety and efficacy guidelines  specific to Parent & tot/toddler program       

All criteria in on the exam. You are evaluated based on

 1) Do you understand the exercise objective for what you are training?

 2) Can we see, hear and understand you ( relevant to teaching this modality)

 3) Is the exercise program =safe,  effective and enjoyable ?  


All exams fees are included in your fee (if you are within  6 months of purchase date).  After * months there is a $35.00 late fee & after a year - we no longer accept remittance of exam(s).In doing so, this will update your qualifications with a new specialty level of certification as well as  re-qualify your existing levels of certification for 2 years from the pass date of your new certification.

ONSITE EVENTS click here




Please phone the office between 9:00- 4:00pm EST if you would like to purchase the WP membership with your order (as you cannot discount your own order) (416) 621 -0821 or 1 -866 543 8938 (toll free)




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