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The Energy Balance Equation
Everyone seeks the quick fix or Magic Bullet for weight loss and there simply isn’t one.
There are many excuses, and even genetics may factor in, and some people are simply “gifted” when it comes to “burning the butter” (calories). Yet, the fact is that managing weight is really 60% lifestyle choices, and there are only 3 ways to burn calories (and yes, we have individual differences in how we burn calories).
Let’s look at the three ways a person could expend calories:
  1. Basal energy expenditure or resting metabolic rate (energy needed for basic body functions at rest). This represents about 50-70% of your total caloric expenditure. A lean mass of muscle at rest will burn about 40-50 kilocalories (a kcal is a unit of heat you burn, whereas a calorie is a unit of energy you consume).
2.       Thermic effect of food (energy needed when eating a meal). Food energy is the amount of energy obtained from food that is available through cellular respiration. This contributes to a calorie deficit/expenditure of about -10%.
3.       Physical activity, exercise programs, activities of daily living (ADL’s). Whether land or water-based, the goal is to burn more total calories.    
Duration is usually more important than intensity; however, trying to work at the highest level of safe intensity with duration is the goal.
ADL’s such as brushing your teeth, walking to the store, walking the dogs, walking stairs instead of elevators are calories that people often don’t realize make a huge difference in the day.
A person who sits for 8 hours at a desk and drives to work an hour each way yet does a high intensity program at lunch may not burn as many calories as someone who is constantly moving all day like a construction worker or farmer.
Research has validated that sedentary people may only yield 15% caloric expenditure from active living while highly active (non-sedentary) individuals may expend 65% of their total calories from being active throughout the day.
How do we relate this information to our clients simply yet meaningfully without “fluff” or false hope?
Educate! Motivate! Communicate! The following energy balance equations (based on proven science and research) give guidance. Many individuals try to cheat with the quick fixes that don’t last – however, “Lifestyle Rules” since managing a healthy weight is a lifelong journey!!!
1) If you eat more calories than you expend, you will gain weight
2) If you exercise more calories than you eat, you will lose weight
3) If you eat the same amount of calories as you burn, you will maintain your weight 
Calories in > Calories Out = gain weight
Calories out > Calories In = lose weight
Calories in = Calories Out = stay the same weight
YOU the professional knows that weight management is #1 goal of most fitness programs. Our goal at WaterART Fitness is to train YOU with helpful, practical information to serve your patrons or clients.
WaterART has created 3 innovative and user-friendly programs to help the fitness industry address weight management.
1. Weight Management Consultant Certification Program This program teaches the 10 Week Managing a Healthy Weight Program so that the instructor may lead the consumer through a guided program that integrates nutrition, strategies of changing their behavior with appropriate exercise techniques and ideas.
2. Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor Certification Program This program teaches the Instructor techniques and strategies to live a healthier lifestyle so that they feel more empowered to change their lifestyle for the better. Many professionals are struggling with their weight and self-image and need guidance.
3. Shape Up and Water Train Instructor Certification Program This program teaches specific Water Exercise Design for programming the overweight population. Review the many debilitating medical conditions related to obesity. Learn specific techniques and modifications for safety and efficacy.   
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