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Exercise in the Water Gym

Aquatic exercise has long been a recognized and appreciated exercise modality. Sure, you may cheat and “float”; however, aquatic fitness today is much more results oriented since we’ve discovered the power of the liquid gym.  


Aquatic Exercise: 

  •     is an almost perfect means to condition the body, stimulate the mind, wash away stress and rejuvenate the spirit. 

  •    may train all components of fitness in one program. 

  •   Water provides natural resistance (12-15 times more than land before adding aquatic fitness equipment) for improved balance, strength and tone of musculature.
       Buoyancy protects the joints and offers gentle stretching and massage of tight muscles.

  •  offers excellent results for those with a fear of falling and injury

  •  decreases swelling and offsets tendency of blood pooling in the

  • extremities

  •  Increases blood supply to muscles significantly which improves oxygen delivery to the muscles

  •  Massages the body to improve removal of blood lactates, lessening the effect of delayed muscles soreness

  •  Competes easily with land training benefits and some individuals may even experience greater improvements with less pain and discomfort

Trainable Components of Fitness:


Balance by providing the opportunity to develop neurological gains with the practice of functional patterns, which additionally improves agility and coordination


Strength/endurance by providing progressive variable resistance training against the force of the water


Cardiovascular training by improving the strength of the heart and lungs with large motor movements


Range of motion through buoyancy, assistance and multi-dimensional movements around the body


Weight management increasing muscle mass and providing energy expenditure


Coordination and agility through a variety of movements, programs, techniques, equipment and reaction time due to changing currents and endless combinations


Fun by allowing relaxation and enjoyment with a feeling of rejuvenation


Who May benefit?

All age groups, fitness levels, medical conditions and abilities through a variety of programming options. The following are groups the especially

ü       Baby boomers who have destroyed their joints and back from high impact and stress

ü       Athletes or weekend warriors who want a safe, effective means of cross training

ü       Multi medical conditions that can not do the duration nor intensity on land

ü       Rehabilitation after illness or injury

ü       Pregnant women (buoyancy supports the growing uterus)

ü       Kids

ü       People who don’t like to sweat

Swimming                                   versus

                    Aquatic Fitness

Primarily Horizontal with four main strokes

Primarily Vertical however you may utilize

many body positions, exercises & techniques

Need to be a swimmer to benefit with fitness gains

Do not need to be a swimmer; however you do need to learn techniques to maximize the benefits

Goal: Primarily Cardiovascular, Speed & muscular endurance may be enhanced with swimming many laps

Goal: Balanced Workout, Weight Management

 (CV, flexibility, balance, agility, muscular endurance, strength, coordination, ADL’s,. proprioception)

More challenging to learn as an adult

Easier to learn as a non swimmer or an Adult

Usually  performed  on their own

May partake in a group class, personal training session or performed on your own ( if you know what to do)


  Download Student Handout (PDF)


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