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Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor Certification

For the group instructor, personal trainer, or those personally interested in a sensible, healthy approach to weight management – one that will contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle. 
This program will add to your fitness knowledge and skills.
Learn up-to-dateinfoand strategies for effective nutrition, exercise, and behaviors towards a healthy and active lifestyle.

Learn to separate myth from science. 

Get the tools for weight management - this workshop will help you map out an achievable plan for success.

· Inform yourself about weight management & all related issues

· Learn to set achievable goals, and stay on track for you & your clients

· Learn facilitator skills to create effective support groups

· Learn techniques to break down resistance (yours and others)  to life-style change

· Gain self-confidence yourself guiding an effective lifestyle change program 


Ten Reasons to Enter the Managing a Healthy Weight Program 
1. Learn to love and value yourself more
2. Learn to set S.M.A.R.T. goals that get results
3. Learn to effectively manage the barriers and excuses that blocked success in the past
4. Incorporate good eating habits into your existing lifestyle
5. Incorporate effective exercise into your existing lifestyle
6. Educate yourself about labels and portion control
7. Benefit from a knowledgeable, empathetic person to guide you towards healthy living
8. Learn strategies that make you more mindful when eating
9. Gain productive insights using a food journal
10. Empower yourself with resources and techniques to realize permanent benefits for you and your family

 To complete home study correspondence programs, You will firstly read the manual and view the DVD. Review the Power Point presentation with a CD filled with information. 

Most people take 10-20 hours to complete a full program with the certification exam's.
The exam is in the back of the manual.


All Candidates must complete their own exam. You only have to complete the theory exam (email us the answers or mail the hard copy of the exam.)
There is no practical assessment with this certification. If you are prior to your existing WaterART Certification we recommend completing your exam prior to your existing certifcation expirying so you do not pay a late fee for your Certification renewal. 
Should you be expired you would have to complete your other level of Certificatoin practical assessment via onsite or DVD/Video submission. 
This program is additionally worth 8.0 CEC's for ACE, AEA,FPAO/OFC,

NOTE: You will have up to six months to complete the certification exams (after the training date for onsite education or purchase date of home study).  Theory is take home or applied theory.  Practical is onsite assessment OR DVD/Video submission. If you are currently certified and qualified with WaterART, you will only need to complete the theory exam. In doing so, this will update your qualifications with a new specialty level of certification as well as  re-qualify your existing levels of certification for 2 years from the pass date of your new certification.

Managing a Healthy Weight Instructor  Certification fee includes:

  • Managing a Healthy Weight Workbook,

  • Instructional DVD052,

  • 6 MONTHS to complete exam process

  • Certiificate of Course completion

  • When successful with exam process  - Updated Certification Diploma(s), Laminated Certification Wallet Card and online  profile

  • CECs for 8.0 WaterART,  8.0 OFC/FPAO  

To complete Certification

  • Each individual must purchase their own  package. We don't allow sharing.

  • To complete home study correspondence programs, You will firstly read the manual and view the DVD’s. Most people take  15- 25 hours to complete a full program with the certification exam process.

  • Candidates must complete  the theory exam  only  (email us the answers). 

  • Candidates will have up to six months after purchase or taking the course – to complete the program without a penalty fee.

  • If you are late, there will be a$35.00 fee assessed for both practical and theoretical exam. After a year you may no longer submit the exams for Certification. 

  • Upgrading any new certification will automatically upgrade your existing qualifications & certfications for two years from pass date


Difference in WMC, MHW & Shape UP Program



ONSITE TRAINING please click here

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