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Shape Up and Water Train

Weight management is a lifetime journey and maintaining a regular exercise program and providing specific programs for your clients is necessary to help them to achieve long term results. Many medical conditions relate to lifestyle. Some examples of medical conditions that respond to reduced body fat through exercise and lifestyle choices are: diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular, and joint issues. Some lifestyle choices can help reduce the physical, emotional, and financial challenges and hardships arising from these conditions. Following this workshop, you will have a better understanding of how to program for group exercise classes or individual clients to help them burn more calories with water exercise to achieve optimal results. 

Review why WaterART Fitness is an excellent tool to help manage a healthy weight. Learn how to optimize exercise design for obese or "at risk" clientele. Learn appropriate exercise selection for maximizing caloric expenditure. We will focus on specific programming for cardiorespiratory, muscular strengthening, muscular flexibility, posture, balance and core stability to provide protection or pain free exercise yet burn more calories! 

Registration fee includes:

  • Shape Up and Water Train Instructor Manual,

  • Study Guide Questions & Answers

  • 8 hours training (pool & classroom sessions)

  • DVD071 - 2 DVD's

  • 16.0 hours of CEC's for WaterART, & 8.0 OFC/ ICREPS/ BCRPA,

  • Certification exams,

  • You only have to complete theory exam if you are currently certified by WaterART

  • In doing so your Certification renewal is for 2 years from the pass date & automatic Certification upgrade with new qualifications.

  • You have six months to complete the exams after the training

  • NOTE: If you are utilizing this for renewal of certification you should complete prior to your existing level expiring.

  • When Successful with exam you will be mailed a Certification diploma & Laminated wallet card, Website profile

Most people take 15-30 hours to complete a full program with the certification exam.

All Candidates must complete their own exam. You will have up to six months to complete the certification exams (after the training date or from date of purchase). Theory is take home or applied theory. Practical is onsite assessment OR DVD/Video submission. If you are currently certified and qualified with WaterART, you will only need to complete the theory exam. In doing so, this will update your qualifications with a new specialty level of certification as well as re-qualify your existing levels of certification for 2 years from the pass date of your new certification. All participant will receive a Certificate of course completion for ACE, AEA, WaterART, YMCA, AFPA.

If you are late, there will be a$35.00 fee assessed for both practical and theoretical exam. After a year you may no longer submit the exams for Certification.

Difference in WMC, MHW & Shape UP Program




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