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CEC's versus Certification
  • Teaches fundamental education and competency skills
  • Ideally there are many learning styles (visual, verbal, kinetic) to aid the student in understanding the material and process so that they may be skilled with the information .
  • There are many levels of education (high school, college, universities, home study etc) 
Certification (Credentialing):
  • Is a process of completing both theoretical and practical competencies
  • standardized process that is unbiased
  • measures the ability of the candidate to apply the knowledge and skills to become successful as a professional.
  • Passing a certification establishes that the individual is minimally competent to work unsupervised at the job responsibility
  • Certification does not mean that an individual knows everything required to be considered an expert in a given field.
  • The candidate should realize that maintaining certification requires ongoing education to maintain their status as fitness education is constantly updating and diversifying
Continuing Education Course Hours ( CEC’s) or Continuing Education Units ( CEU’s):
  • Each organization has a minimum requirement to re-qualify the candidate to continue their certification
  • CEC’s/CEU’s provides the professional with ongoing knowledge, techniques and teaching skills 
  • Usually an individual updates with a specialty module or qualification
  • Assumes that the individual has participated via onsite or home study education
  • Generally there is not a full examination process like the entry level unless you qualify for a higher level of status or education ( such as Seniors Instructor, Personal Trainer, Weight Management Consultant, Rehabilitation Specialist)
  • Advanced Certification require more training, competencies and time to complete successfully
  • Anyone may attend a CEC workshop
  • Individual receives a certificate of course completion stating hours, location, date and topics covered
  • Certified individuals must submit this a proof when they are re-certifying
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