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Tackling Weight Management - Where To Start?

What’s the #1 issue among most “fitness enthusiasts”? Yes, that includes you instructors as well as your participants. Isn’t weight management right up there? Yes, you’ll feel more vibrant, more confident, and more energetic when you carry your best body weight. But realistically, knowing where to start and tackling weight management productively is difficult.

We instructors have similar challenges to our participants. We too face challenges of: time, peer pressure, denial, routines and habits which appear to offer no escape. Some of us have real physiological challenges: hormonal imbalances, genetic predispositions, digestive and musculoskeletal issues. To cope, we may take pharmaceuticals that play havoc with fat metabolism, water retention, and the nervous system. We reach out to cope as well as possible with these issues rather than sweep them under the rug (for those of you who still do housework for exercise).
Yet, it’s human nature to seek shortcuts even though some strategies offer little hope of long-term success. The fitness marketplace is full of quick-fix diets, fat-burning caffeine or taurine-laden herbal “remedies”, excessive “nutritional” supplements, expensive meal-replacement plans, and magic exercise equipment “as seen on TV”.

In the long run, your inner common sense can triumph, empower you, and save you money as well. Does it make sense to suffer on Yo-Yo diets, or to rob yourself of basic nutrition for critical body functions like breathing, organ, muscle, and brain function? Is it sensible to mindlessly push weights without considering your weakest joints? Is it sensible to repeat exercises that achieve little benefit and may even injure? Do you really need a gym to exercise? Is it sensible to “detoxify” and “regulate” your body constantly with “corrective” products and chemicals, while continuing to eat mindlessly? Hippocrates, an ancient Greek, set the standard, “Let food be your medicine.” Anonymous, another famous sage, said, “Use it, or lose it!” …Food for thought! 

We humans all need reminding, from time to time. We need to discover and apply our own inner resources when tackling our own personal baggage around weight management. Why “stand in your own shadow, and wonder why it’s dark?” A balanced life-time strategy of dealing with the four areas of your “Being” – your Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional areas may offer a better chance of success. Of course, listen to an outside expert review of your various challenges. But also engage your full inner potential to manage them. Explore daily and honestly, the four components of your Being to give yourself a balanced “Being Check”.

For many MT’s, instructors and participants, a wellness program that includes all four areas could help. A focus on overall “Well-Being” often leads to weight management. Start with a quick, regular “Being” scan, at first maybe with the help of a professional. Does your Physical side need attention? Is your Emotional side holding you back? Can you discover, nurture and use your Mental or Emotional or Spiritual resources to help you follow through? From this framework of four areas of Being, can you rediscover your own inner strength to manage weight long-term? In your self-discovery journey, you may become empowered to tackle challenges of every kind, including weight management.

By Chet & Pat Skibinski - Grand Master Trainers & coauthors of the Weight Mangement Programs
Click here for more information

P.S Here is ONE POUND OF LARD IN A JAR - this may help people appreciate extra poundage.

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