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TriAQUAfun Challenge - Jog, Cycle & Swim (Fin). Check our DVD066 - Free with Joining our WP Membership Program!

STILL CHAMP!! and she completed all three areas on her own! STATEVILLE, NC - November 17, 2012 - Individual competition

A Competition for Everyone ! ( Try individual or Team work!)

 Cindy Cook is our Champ for the individual TriAquaFun ( jogging 2 lengths of the pool, cycling 2 lengths of the pool and then finning with a kickboard in L position ) at the recent Sports Conditioning Specialist training in Statesville NC -...

she completed the program in 3:38 and lapped everyone! Congratulations Cindy -also on your newest level of Certification ( Personal Trainer Specialist Certification). You are strong, certified and a asset to our industry!

The Competition.... JOG, CYCLE, FIN (swim)

1) JOGGING/RUNNING - This athlete will complete 2 lengths of the pool between waist and sternum depth. Should the pool go deep, the jogger may utilize a buoyancy belt,  mitts & water shoes. The arms must pump NOT pull with arms with overhead ( in and out of the water arm pulls) or bad swim strokes. Legs will touch the pool bottom and they may rebound or march to propel the athlete through the water. The athlete moves forward to one end of the pool & backwards jog to the start position. They must touch the deck with two fingers of both hands prior to going to the other direction. When the deck is touched after the second length the next athlete may commence. Time is clocked from the start of the first person to the finish and deck touch of the third person.

2) CYCLING- This athlete will complete 2 lengths of the pool and utilize any style of water buoyancy belt. They may choose to utilize mitts and shoes. The athlete has to maintain a seated or chair position (i.e. like a recumbent bicycle) so that the shoulders are aligned over the hips and the thighs are parallel to the pool bottom. Therefore, an athlete may not lean forward like a ten speed bicycle. Must have the legs pulling in a circular action to engage the hamstrings( not jogging or kicking) . Participant should be able to "see their legs" as they pedal in a recumbent or seated style bicycle. Feet can not touch the pool bottom. The arms may be utilized in an upright breast stroke or pulling action with Mitts. The cyclist must touch the deck with two finger touches (of both hands) PRIOR to changing direction and after the second length ( prior to the next athlete starting).

3) SWIMMER WITH FINS - This athlete will complete 2 lengths of the pool with regular or shorter than 7 inch training fins (or flippers) The athlete must assume a seated or an L position sit. The legs should be flutter kicking with the legs in front of the body ( so you are travelling backwards both directions). The hands will be supported in front of the body with the hands resting on a regular adult kick board. The hands may not grip the end of the kick board - but must be lightly placed on top of the kick board. The legs flutter kick so that the hips, knees and ankles are parallel to the bottom of the pool and perpendicular to the spine (which is adding drag and lots of core work). They must touch the wall with their back and then swivel around and touch the deck with two fingers then change directions. The last lap or to finish the relay they must touch their back to the wall then swivel and touch two finger touches of hands on the pool deck.


  • Build camaraderie and introduce new people to the sport of water fitness

  • Raise awareness of the sport of water fitness

  • Everyone has the potential to find the athlete from within

  • Award prizes for Gold, Silver and Bronze level performances

  • Take program back to your centre to build your programs and participation

  • Help people enjoy the sport of water fitness



Here are our Next TriAQUAfun Events....... so take the challenge
Prizes and schedule and pool depth may vary ( due to location) but we guarantee FUN and MITTS for all that compete! 

Reigning Winners....


PHOTO GALLERY - www.waterart.org/video/TRIAQUA-PHOTOS.wmv

*If you are having trouble viewing this WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO STREAMING, open it in your Windows Media Player on programs-make sure it exists. If it does you may have to go to your Internet Explorer Tool bar and reset your "blockers" to allow WaterART website uploads ( www.waterart.org) Our system it takes about 45 seconds to load - on dial up it may be 20 minutes if you have slower internet or dial up. Thanks for your patience & enjoy!


FIRST PLACE WINNERS with a time of 4:18 : Chet Skibinski, Lucy Rodrigues, Caroline Cook ( all receive $100.00 Gift voucher from Speedo)

SECOND PLACE WINNERS with a time of 4:19 : Susan Skuffham, Mark Twynham, Natalie Wong ( all received a $60.00 Gift voucher from Speedo)

THIRD PLACE WINNERS with a time of 4:20 : Bernard Chan, Rosa Chan, Eddie Chui ( all received a $40.00 Gift voucher from Speedo)

Edmonton, AB - Sun. January, 11th, 2009  - Best Time 4:36

Statesville, NC - Sat. March 28th, 2009  - Best Time 4:32 ( video/photos - soon!)

VAUGHAN, ON - Sat. April 25th, 2009 - Winners - Michelle Briffett, Paul Briffett & Tal (3.34 !!!)

- Sat, May 9th, 2009 - Winners - Tina O'neil, Terry Timanus

EAST LANSING, MI - Sat, May 30th, 2009


SHOREVIEW, MN  Sat. July 22nd, 2009   (4:38) Lindsay Mondick, Ashley Welke & Lisa Kovac



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