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Workout DVDs (WO) are $26.00 Educational Programs (ED) $35.00 (less your WP Discount which is automated when you log in)

All rights Reserved WaterART Fitness International Inc.

Workout DVDS (WO) are $26.00 Educational Programs (ED) $35.00 (less WP discount & use this code)

Land Workouts, Water Programs, WP membership Programs

FULL PDF Download of DVDs


     BUY 4 GET ONE FREE deal !

     DVD001 - The "ART" of Exercise Science (ED)

     DVD002 - Aquatic Fitness Muscles (W0)

     DVD003 - Beginner Muscles with Noodles (WO)

     DVD004 - Intermediate Muscles with Noodles (WO)

     DVD005 - Advanced Muscles (WO)

     DVD006 - Shallow H2O Workout (WO)

     DVD007-Deep H2O Workout (WO)

     DVD008 - Advanced Deep H2O  Workout (WO)

     DVD009 - Seniors "Fun"ctional Fitness Program (ED)

     DVD010 - Common Movement Disorders Shallow Water Exercise (ED)

     DVD011 - Arthritis Shallow H20 Program (ED)

     DVD012 - Arthritis Chair Exercise Workout (L-WO)

     DVD013 - Arthritis Light Low Impact & Sculpt (L-WO)

     DVD014 - Mindful Tai Chi Program (ED)

     DVD015 - Water Walking Program (ED)

     DVD016 - Yoga Instructor Program (WO)

     DVD017 - Personal Training H20 Assessments(ED)

     DVD018 - Foam Weights Workout (WO)

     DVD019 - Personal Trainer Posture Analysis, Exercise Inventory (ED)

     DVD020 - Personal Trainer Equipment Analysis + Inventory (ED)

     DVD021 -Finning,The Ultimate Butt Burner & Program for Swimmers (ED)

     DVD022 - Pre & Post Natal Instructor Program (ED)

     DVD023 - TaeKwonAQUA Instructor Program (ED)

     DVD024 - Kidz Instructor Program (ED)

     DVD025 - Use Your Noodle Workout (WO)

     DVD026 - Common Movement Disorders - Chair Exercise Program (L-WO)

     DVD027 -Common Movement Disorders -Posture & Balance (L-WO)

     DVD028 - Common Movement Disorders - Flexibility Program (L-W0)

     DVD029 - What Is WaterART? (Membership)

     DVD030 - Sports Conditioning Workout (WO)

     DVD031 - Beginner Workout (WO)

     DVD032 - Having A Ball (L-WO)

     DVD033 - Promotional DVD (Membership)

     DVD034 - Shallow Water Noodles (ED)

     DVD035 - Deep Water Noodles (ED)

     DVD036 - Arthritis- The Noodle Workout (ED)

     DVD037 - Step Splash Instructor (ED)

     DVD038 - Cardio Combos Program (ED)

     DVD039 - Awesome Abdominals (ED)

     DVD040 - Resistive Paddle Program (ED)

     DVD041 - Fit Band Workout (ED)

     DVD042 - Advanced Buoyancy Cuffs (ED)

     DVD043 - Aquatic Rehabilitation for Lower Extremities with cert (ED)

     DVD044 - Aquatic Rehabilitation for the Spine with cert (ED)

     DVD045 - Aquatic Rehabilitation for Upper Extremities with cert (ED)

     DVD046 - Aquatic Rehabilitation Theory (Spine/Upper & Lower=3 DVDs)

     DVD047 - WaterART Pilates & Dance (ED)

     DVD048 - Fit Stretch & Back Care (WO-L)

     DVD049 - Fit Band Program (WO-L)

     DVD050 - TaeKwonRobics (WO-L)

     DVD051 - Moving on Up (WO-L)

     DVD052 - Weight Management Consultant Program (Lecture) (ED)

     DVD053 - Elementary Rescues and Water Safety (ED)

     DVD054 - Sports Training with Kickers & Boxers (WO)

     DVD055 - Aquatic Cycling Workout (WO)

     DVD056 - Deep H20 Running Workout (WO)

     DVD057 - Parent & Tot Program (WO)

     DVD058 - Salsa - The Aquatic Way! (WO)

     DVD059 - Fun with Function (WO)

     DVD060 - Advanced Dumbbells and Shoulder Impingement (WO)

     DVD061 - Programming for Common Hip Problems (WO)

     DVD062 - Programming for Common Knee Problems  (WO)

     DVD063 - Programming for Common Back Problems (WO)

     DVD064 -  Shallow & Deep - Teaching a Combo Class (WO)

     DVD065 - Mindful Movement - Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates(ED)

     DVD066 - TriAQUAfun Event Program - Jog, cycle & swim( fin) (WO)

     DVD067 - WaterART Boot Camp (WO)

     DVD068 - Teamwork, Partners & Games (WO)

     DVD069 - Gentle Fitness for Seniors(WO- L)  

     DVD070 - Combo Fitness (WO-L)

     DVD071  - Shape Up and Water Train ( 2 DVD set) (ED)

     DVD072  - Shallow H20 Splash ( 2 DVD set) (ED) !

     DVD073 - Urban Yoga Program  (ED) - 

     DVD074    Functional Fitness Seniors Program ( WO)  

     DVD075  - Parent & Toddler DVD

     DVD076 - Barbara's Story (membership)

     DVD077- Advanced Noodle Challenge (membership)

     DVD078- Entry Level Programming for the Non-Swimmer (2 DVD's)

     DVD079 - Move to Health with Walking (2 DVDs) (ED)

     DVD080 - Instructor Review (4 DVDs) (4 1/2  hours of Guided Tutorials )

    DVD081 - Senior Mind Body Instructor (WO)

    DVD082 - Senior Fitness Cycling (WO)

    DVD083 - Shallow H20 Running HITS (WO)

    DVD084 -Happy Face Hand Weights ( W0)

    DVD085 - Aquatic Stepping (WO)

    DVD086 - Aquatic Personal Trainer Program (Guided Tutorials - 2 DVDs)

    DVD087 - Aquatic Personal Trainer Assessments (Guided Tutorial )

    DVD088 - Aquatic Personal Trainer Program Tutorial (Guided Tutorials - 2 DVDs)

    DVD089  - Arthritis Instructor Tutorial  (2 1/2 hours of Guided Tutorials- 2 DVDs)

    DVD090  - Arthritis Instructor Mobility & Range of Motion Program ( ED- 2 DVDs)

    DVD091 - Aquatic Rehabilitation  for General Populations (6 Tutorial DVDs)

    DVD092 - Julie's Favorite Exercises and Techniques (WO)

    DVD093 - Exercises with Buoyancy Pants   (WO)

    DVD094 - Aquatic Stretching for Runner's    (WO)

    DVD095 - Noodle Boot Camp ( 2 DVDs)  (WO)

    DVD096 - Know Your Muscles (WO)

    DVD097 - Favorite Fit Tips    (WP)
    DVD098 - Know Your Aquatic Muscles (Tutorial)

    DVD099 - Favorite Shallow H20 Fit Tips    (WP)

    DVD100 - The WaterART System of Exercise Design and Lesson Planning

    DVD101-108  - Senior Sit and Stand Programs

    DVD109-110 - Gentle Sit & Stand with fun ideas 

 Membership is a Public DVD you purchase as part of WP priviledges (included in WP fees)

  All other DVDS are for private use only. No resale allowed due to copyright laws.

* Only Certified WaterART Fitness Master Trainers may utilize our DVD's and materials for teaching purposes.Copyright Laws apply.


1-Online see how to click here

2-By Fax: 416-621-0951

3-Toll Free: 1-866-5-GET-WET (1-866-543-8938)

4-Emailing us

Best Deal is **BUY 4, GET 1 FREE!** click here

Buy 8 DVDs & get 16.0 CECs free + complimentary Certification Renewal (ontime) click here

(Please note we cannot give you DVD043/44/45-with this option as these DVD's are only available with full Rehabilitation Specialist Certification Program)


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Please note our videos are for personal use only and OR NOT for  public viewing (except Membership DVD029, DVD033,DVD076, DVD077,DVD092, DVD093
All rights Reserved -WaterART Fitness International Inc.


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