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What is WaterART Fitness

WaterART Fitness International specializes in education for instructors, personal trainers, health care providers and consumers. We offer both land and water fitness programs either via onsite/live training or home study/correspondence education.

WaterART is an acronym for understanding how to design purposeful programs. We believe that the Application of Science is an Art.

Our programs will take you through a system that helps you to understand the differences between

1) land fitness and WaterART Fitness,
2) swimming and WaterART Fitness,
3) traditional aquacize and WaterART Fitness.

We believe that programming must be safe, effective and enjoyable. Whether teaching on land or in the water, a leader must design programs that will help the individual participant gain results whether in a group or training individually.

OUR MOTTO: Exercise with Purpose
OUR SLOGAN : The Application of Science is an ART 

WaterART has  26 full Home Study Certification programs ( land & water)  and an education  library of 99   DVD's/or video streaming programs WaterART Fitness strives to offer practical tools for fitness professionals specializing in water exercise. Additionally, we offer onsite training continuing education course workshops, certification courses and many ongoing clinics and conferences throughout North America. Anyone may attend any event; however, only Certified Instructors are qualified as they have completed the competencies or achieved a passing grade on both theoretical and practical exams. Each program is structured to help you to learn more specific exercise design.

We also offer a full  WaterART Professional (WP) membership program. Participation in a membership is separate to qualifications and an annual program. Each membership has benefits as well as an added value gift.

Our goal is to help educate both the professional & consumer to better understand why you are doing an exercise and how to make exercise safe, effective & enjoyable.  We do not perform choreography nor canned routines. We provide a system of how to monitor and regulate intensity so that the  individual may perform at their personal best or with a self paced exercise system. Our mission is to help create a better understanding that programming in water is unique as compared to land programming and/or swimming and  life guarding. Becoming Certified provides an opportunity to purchase affordable liability insurance.

WaterART is are always progressing and developing our resources for fitness professionals through research and ongoing education. Fitness is a time of great opportunity and challenge. More participants are coming to programs with specialized or individualized medical conditions. WaterART advocates self paced exercise (not choreographed routines) so that individuals may achieve their personal best whether training on land and/or in water. The instructor or trainer must understand how to work with a variety of health histories, skills as well as fitness goals. Achieving many levels of Certification is a way of validating the competencies of a Instructor or Trainer.

The Certifications combine both  theory exam as well as a practical skills in the certification process which provides a balanced background for education. With WaterART Fitness,  professionals must earn their qualifications or Certification(s). There is no option to  transfer from other certification organizations.

WaterART Fitness is Exercise with a Purpose!

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