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Tips for Wellness Results !

Our goal at WaterART Fitness is provide consumers and professions will helpful and educational tips. January is the time when most people commit to "start" a program. As well as fun-filled, easy to follow exercise programs an Instructor should provide "Fit Tips" to inspire participants to value a healthy lifestyle.

Here are 10 Fitness Tips that will assure you enjoy your wellness in the NEW YEAR and get Results!  
(You may download full PDF and pass forward these tips!)

1. Walk as much as you can. This is a great way to see the wonderful sights and meet people, while also getting great exercise. If you are shopping choose a parking spot "furthest away" so you get a few extra calories expended. Take stairs instead of elevators or escalators. Every step will add up!

2. Hydrate. Keep refilling that bottle of water. At a cellular level you "burn more calories" if you are well hydrated.  If you are not used to drinking water -sip throughout the day. You will gradually increase your ability to "hold' your water.

3. Eat 3 Meals a day. Enjoy and make time to eat healthy well portioned meals. Most people miss breakfast, skip lunch and eat all the calories at the end of the day. Choose to keep the calorie furnace burning and fuel your body with metabolism all day. Have hot cereal and soup if you are hungry to fill the stomach. Wait 20 minutes after eating to order "dessert" and see if you still need it.

4. Bring your noodle with you! Most hotels have pools - and if you are lucky enough to get to a beach (most resorts don't have them). Turn the water into a gym with fun-filled noodle fitness. Every component of fitness may be easily trained. Just sitting on the noodle (either as a swing or a horse engages the abdominals). For an easy exercise program DVD025 or a laminated cards to follow along. Also did you know that there are 3 levels of intensity of noodles? Try the Super Noodle for more high intensity muscular training. 

5. Add some new activities to your program. If you are near the water try scuba, snorkeling or hiking, ballroom dancing ....anything to promote MOVING!
6. Share a Meal. Not only does it add a little romance but it helps control those calories while enjoying dining out.

7. Carry your resistance bands and/or tubes. These simple pieces of equipment are very inexpensive yet versatile for building or maintaining LEAN MUSCLE MASS (this is your way to additional caloric expenditure as your  metabolism at rest is increased). Most people don't do enough strength training to increase their metabolism and if you are traveling this equipment will  easily fit in your luggage. It is an easy piece of equipment to work "extra" in front of the TV or as a fit break at the office. Essentially you may workout anywhere. (So now there are NO excuses!) We sell educational DVD's to help you along. SEE Fit Band
DVD049-land or DVD041-water.

8.  Everyday Flexibility. Be aware of your flexibility - stretch and stay limber. Everyday stretching is a must. A healthy muscle is a strong yet flexible muscle.

9. Practice Posture. Don't let your posture relax just because you are. Keep in tuned with your posture. Your confidence and appearance will improve just by sitting, standing or moving in good posture!

10. Train Your Balance. You can check and work on your balance at all times, it is especially fun in the water. Test yourself....stand on one foot (and close your eyes) See if you can achieve one minute without putting the other foot down. Check the other foot (as most people are dominant on one side). If you can achieve 1 minute, give yourself a pat on the back! Remember that balance must be challenged regularly to be improved (or even maintained).


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