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Why Start an Aquatic Running Program

Cross train your Athletes and add variety to your water fitness programming.

Try Water Running:
Water running is a program that may easily combine the cardiovascular benefits of aerobic conditioning with enhanced flexibility and muscle balancing – all in one high powered yet protective workout. This is a sports oriented workout which is really easy to learn and provides a no-hassle enjoyable workout. Running in water requires no swimming skills. The only prerequisite is a love of the water.

Water provides multidimensional resistance in a joint friendly way. It is an excellent low to non-impact medium for cross training on land and the most suitable place for recovery and rehabilitation of an injury. Water allows fitness levels to be maintained and can even increase fitness and performance levels for the serious runner.

Add a “Splash” to your Running Program: some ideas to help introduce the program:

1. Putting it together: Offer a program to facilitate for all levels of runners (beginners through elite athletes and marathon runner in one program). Many top sprinters and marathoners have utilized water training to improve their running times as well as rehabilitate an injury.

2. Injury prevention: Most runners experience one or more injuries over the course of their career. Research shows that 66% of all runners will experience a running related injury within a 12 month period. Running on land in excess of 56km per week increases the chance of injury by more than 55%

3. Overtraining problems: Runners are often subject to “overtraining”. Water running offers an excellent mode of cross training in a relaxing and multi-dimensional environment. A runner will typically hit the ground between 800 and 2000 times per mile or 1.6 kilometers. Injury prevention is key to extending the an athletes career or enjoying a pain free run. Most runners push themselves into a training related injuries because they do too much intensity or duration and minimize the benefits of resistance and flexibility training.

4. Improved Flexibility: Runners typically have decreased flexibility especially in the lower back and hamstrings muscles. Water training will naturally stretch the muscles with active range of motion assisted by buoyancy. It may be one of the easiest modalities to increase flexibility to all parts of the body,

5. Increased Core stability: Running in the water offers excellent stability training since the 360 degree resistance engages constantly on the core musculature as the athlete moves or travels or changes body positions in the water.

6. Weather conditions: During inclement weather, especially when outdoor activities are restricted due to severe heat or extreme cold/ice, water running allows participants to maintain and even increase their endurance levels (increase VO2 max).

7. Balance the musculature. There is increased resistance and targeting of the weaker muscles because all downward movement challenges the muscles in water. Therefore the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, obliques and adductors may be naturally engaged. Additionally, it is easy to incorporate more strength training exercises (interspersed) with cardiovascular training. Talk this up as many athletes don’t ever realize the extra resistance and muscular training benefits.

8. Reduced joint stress: Unloading of the joints may be 50% at waist depth or 100% in the deep water. This is a unique way to train the muscles with the same biomechanics yet it does not cause undue stress in the joints. This is another great point to tell the “land” only athlete.

9. Social competition in the water: Water running in a small group gives the participants the opportunity to establish group and individual goals in a competitive setting.

10. Get away from the same-old, same-old: Water running will add a new dimension to the pavement pounding of land training - i.e. lots more variety and definitely fun!

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