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We would like to congratulate the following professionals who were drawn at random  for entering the contest and survey submission.

Michelle Barbesin,
Debbie McNamee,Nicolette Greenberg, Kathy Cook, Lori Lucas.
Thank you for all who participated. The goal was to find out some information on our programs and participants interests.

We asked the following questions to our interested professionals and the following was the response.
1. How would you describe your work in the Aquatic and Fitness Industry?
a)Full Time
b)Part Time
Response: 85% of respondents were part time.

2. How many years have you worked in the industry?
a) 0-1 years
b) 1-3 years
c) 3-5 years
d) 5-10 years
e) 10+ years
Response: 52 % of our respondents had been in the industry more than 10 years.
37% of our respondents had been in the industry 1-3 years.
6% less than 1 year and 8% 5-10 years.

3. What area's of fitness do you work in ( aquatic fitness).  You may list all that apply.
a) none
b) group exercise
c) personal training
d) consulting
e) exercise testing
f) other
Response:90% work in group exercise only

4. Please list  your favourite  muscle group to train
a) abdominals
b) quadriceps
c) biceps
d) triceps
e) rhomboids
f) hamstrings
g) gluteus maximus
h) gluteus mediums and minimus (abductors)
i) other - please list
Response: 85% liked abdominals

5. What is your favourite Water Depth?
a) Shallow Water
b) Transitional Water
c) Deep Water
d) No favourite
Response:42% liked transitional depth ( chest to neck) while 38%  had no favourite depth

6. What is your favourite Aquatic Equipment? please choose one only
a) Aquatic Step
b) Noodle –soft noodle
c) Noodle – closed cell noodle
d) Buoyancy Cuffs
e) Speedo Kickers
f) Flex Paddles
g) Aquatic Mitts
h) Dumbbells – foam weights
i ) Fit bands
j) Tubing
k) Speedo Boxers
l) Buoyancy Belt
m) other, please list equipment 
Response:20% liked dumbbells –foam weights
35% liked noodles
45% liked other: aquatic step, buoyancy cuffs,paddles
7. What is your favourite style of music
a) Latin
b) disco
c) country
d) classical
e) jazz
f) top 40
g) no favourite 
Response: 60% had no favourite.
Some added they preferred oldies
8. How Many People do you have in a Program
a) 0-10
b) 11-20
c) 20-30
d) over 30
Response: 45% have 11-20
40% have 20-30
5% have less than 10
10% over 30
9) What types of Programs do you offer (list all that apply)
a) Senior’s
b) Arthritis
c) Pre or Post Natal
d) Kids
e) Common Movement Disorders ( PD, MS, Stroke etc)
g) Yoga
h) Sports Conditioning or Advanced
Response: could list multiple types of programs.
70% teach senior’s,
50% teach arthritis,
20% Pre or Post Natal,
30% common movement disorders,
20% sports conditioning,
5% yoga
10) How many men are generally in a class
a) 0-5
b) 6-10
c) 11-16
Response: 95 % had less than 5 male participants.
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