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Criteria for Becoming MT

Each candidate must:

  • Complete a minimum of  5 Certification levels with  a score of 85% or more on both the practical & written exams

  • a Master Trainer for Aquatic Fitness Training must complete the follow levels of Certification: Aquatic Fitness Group Exercise Instructor, Seniors Instructor, Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Instructor  and one other program  (for water MT). These levels do require both a theoretical and practical assessment.

  • a Master Trainer for Land Training will require the following levels of competency: Group Exercise Instructor, Arthritis Land Instructor, CMD Land Instructor, Senior Land Instructor)

  • Please note that qualifications for  Group Exercise Instructor, Senior Instructor must be achieved via onsite programs. This is critical as a MT  will be guiding others through our onsite educational programs.

  • the candidate must possess a current CPR/First Aid/AED OR Life guarding qualifications

  • must submit a current resume and a letter of why you would like to be a Master Trainer and how you would benefit the organization and the training team.

  • We highly recommend that the candidate assist or volunteer at as many onsite training events as they can to gain valuable experience.

  • After the person has completed the above process they will team teach with a Grand Master Trainer the Instructor Certification

In Addition, the candidate

  • Must have access to Email  as we have complete online systems

  • Must be able to read and write English (unless reporting to another country distributor)

  • Must be able to teach the Instructor Certification (for water shallow and/or deep water) or for land must teach a variety of general group exercise programs, PLease note that all training programs have templates for lesson planning and audiovisual aids.

  • Only Master Trainers with an Exercise Science degree will be able to teach either Personal Training Specialist and/or Rehabilitation Specialist Course

  • Only Master Trainers with related nutrition and lifestyle management skills will be able to teach either Weight Management Consultant Certification Course

  • Master Trainers will only teach the workshops that they are experienced with (as there is a huge range and not all Master Trainers have to be able to teach all programs).

  • Must be exclusive to WaterART Trainer Team (for Water Fitness Training)

  • Will purchase all appropriate WaterART Manuals, DVDs, uniforms for training or workshop sessions through head office (at discounted price listed on Trainers Price List.)

    ** We recommend that candidates prepare a  business proposal  (a simple 5 year plan) on how they will contribute to the team and what they intend to do. Ever Master Trainer may train anywhere in the world or simply stay at one facility to help their facilities needs. WaterART does provide the templates, lesson plans and resources to help the candidate along, however,  we do want to know about your goals and how you will fit into the developemnt of the program and what your talents are.

How you Will Work with WaterART Fitness International Inc ?

1. Everyone has a unique background and level of experience. We work as a team. We support your efforts.   

2. Master Trainer have no territories or boundaries. Anyone may work anywhere in the world. We do not compete with one another - we compliment one another's scheduled programs.

3. All Master Trainer are paid via the fee schedule. Dependent on location and duration of training MTs are paid 60% when they organize an event & approximately 40% when WaterART organizes a training event.

4. Conference fees may vary depending on location

5. To be paid, a Master Trainer must submit the Par Qs of the attendees of an course/training event, an event report with a professional invoice.

6. Master Trainer Interns will be able to perform assessments (and be compensated) prior to becoming a Master Trainer

7. WaterART Fitness International Inc  will provide a  registration system for your clients  (online, phone, mail in fax),  as well as training materials,  agenda, Certificates of course completion,  CEC workshop handouts and promotional information

8. Each Master Trainer will facilitate a minimum of 2 events/year (Consumer Clinics, Assessments, Master Classes, Conference classes, Continuing Education Workshops or Certifications ).

9. Master Trainer's will sign an agreement of professionalism and confidentiality

10. Master Trainers will purchase a WP membership  & MT kit  OR  work towards that goal.  

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