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Please click here to view  All WaterART Master Trainerss

A WaterART Master Trainer is an independent contractor who has obtained the status by completing levels of competency or by completing the Gold Level Certification. In addition, they have completed the WaterART Business Opportunity Workshop and have agreed to uphold the standards of excellence.

A WaterART Master Trainer may be hired through Corporate WaterART Fitness International Inc. to contract their services out as a representative of WaterART Fitness. They may choose to deliver Educational Clinics, teach Master Classes, provide over 50 Continuing Educational Workshops and/or teach Certification programs that they have the expertise and experience to lead. They may choose to work at this position part and/or full time dependent on their personal goals and time availability. In other words, any activities outside of Master Training job descriptions and responsibilities will be done under the Master Trainer's own business name and will not be considered WaterART Fitness income nor services.

Only a WaterART Master Trainer  will be licensed to utilize the WaterART Professionals Business  logo and other educational resources for teaching in public places. In other words, facilities or instructors who are not Master Trainers may not utilize any of the resources in public places and/or for income opportunities. WaterART owns the Copyright of programs and this copyright infringement will be upheld. 

Master Trainers will be required to purchase a The WaterART Master Trainer Kit so that they may utilize the brand name and educational resources. Only  WaterART Master Trainers are approved to utilized our materials for training purposes. All of our educational resources are available ONLY for home study or individual leaning.  Groups or centers infringing on the  WaterART copyright agreement will be legally inforced.

All Master Trainers are encouraged to increase their revenue through our a sales bonus program and instructor discount programs.  Master Trainers will obtain all the templates and teaching tools to facilitate  WaterART's researched based educational programs ( Clinics, Master Classes, Continuing Educational Courses, Certifications and Conferences) .

How do you begin?
First, you put forth an application via the internet or a written letter. When you are accepted by the Educational Director, you will be sponsored by a WaterART Grand Master Trainer who is has had many years of experience and may train all levels of certifications. You will need to partake in the levels of training you intend to teach. Additionally, you will complete the WaterART Master Trainer Intern Camp. During the camp, you wi review the  clinics, certifications and teaching methodology as well as the Business Opportunity Manual.
Our goal is to help you to better understand our policies and procedures so that you know how to run a successful business.

After completing the required certifications you will become a Master Trainer "intern" until you have successfully delivered your first  workshop or certification presentation. To complete the Master Trainer protocol you will team teach with a WaterART Grand Master Trainer to deliver Quality Education. A Grand Master Trainer will assist you on your first event. You begin by teaching WaterART Instructor, Kidz Instructor or Arthritis Instructor Certifications programs then add workshops and more advanced programs as you gain experience and confidence.

The most successful WaterART Master Trainers enjoy a balance of teaching, training, merchandising.
Growth in your business comes from sharing the WaterART business opportunity with others and helping them decide if it's right for them. This is called sponsoring. WaterART Master Trainers sponsor other Instructors as they certify them in other programs. The Master Trainer helps them to merchandise and deliver products and services that enhance the WaterART programs. In doing so, they gain a small percentage income from their network of instructors they have trained. This is called residual income. It will come in the form of a quarterly check based on your network's activity and performance.

Like any other business, your WaterART business needs frequent input and activity to grow. Whatever your goals, you control how quickly or how slowly you build your business. After all, it's your independent  business. Over time, an WaterART Master Trainers business can grow  considerably. You will be required to purchase WaterART Master Trainer Kit. The Master Trainer Kit contains informationand education on how to be come an Independent WaterART Master Trainer.  The  Master Trainer Business website & disc provides all the templates for handouts , training presentations as well as your templates for business, marketing and promotion. Combined with teaching clinics, CEC workshops, Certification programs or conferences, this may build into a substantial income. 

WaterART Master Trainers have more control because they establish the pace and potential at which their training business grows, as well as the goals they set for themselves. A new Master Trainer should assume that it is a five year business plan to achieve success. We ask you for your  five year goals and plans up front and work towards a common outcome.

Independent WaterART Master Trainers are connected to a proficient business and educational support network to help them along their path toward success. Independent WaterART Master Trainers are supported by a record of success. They gain new skills and personal confidence as they work with a knowledgeable, proven fitness industry leader that has provided unsurpassed compensation, reward, services, and education to thousands of people around the world.

As you qualify at various levels of achievement, you may be eligible to attend various WaterART leadership programs or Annual Business Meetings in States or Countries around the world. Company - paid invitations are extended to Independent WaterART Master Trainers to meet in a health and wellness atmosphere.

WaterART  Excellence Guarantee

  • To educate & motivate, new & experienced instructors with a research-based program.

  • To lead cutting edge, creative programs for both professionals and consumers.

  • To market via our website, utilizes WaterART Newsletters, and promotional materials to provide professional image and state of the art resources.

  • Utilize a Business System to maintain up to date information and training opportunities via personalized email & a web-page scheduling system.

  • Help Professional earn additional Income.

  • Help Professionals do something you enjoy part-time or full-time.

  • Provide Professionals with discounts & benefits based on their membership package.

Criteria for Becoming a Master Trainer

All Master Trainers

Gold Club Certified

What is a Grand Master Trainer

Criteria for Becoming a Master Trainer

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