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WP Membership

Everyone is welcome to become a WaterART Professional (WP) Member.
This is an optional  and Annual Program. Every year YOU choose a free gift with renewal.
The WP membership program is for individual use only -
if you prefer a facility WP Membership click here
WaterART Professional Membership is separate to our Certification Programs and adds great value and benefits!

With each WP Membership option, you always earn a FREE GIFT (see below):

If you have a current WP Professional Membership, you must renew your membership via MY ACCOUNT SECTION and you will save $10.00  by renewing your membership early or prior to expiration. You may access MY ACCOUNT section on the top right hand corner of this website page after you log into your account.

Please note:
If you are new to our WP membership and would like to purchase a few items or become a WP member and register for an event then you must phone for your first orders as you cannot discount your own order. Head office must activate or "click up" your WP membership privileges. You may phone 1 866 543-8938 (TOLL FREE) or (416) 621-0821 during office hours Monday through Friday from (9 am-4pm EST). All expired memberships will be processed at the NEW WP member rate.

Gift A)
Happy Hand Weights, DVD084 & Large Equipment Bag
Gift B)
WaterART Buoyancy Cuffs, DVD042, LC042 & Wet bag

Gift C)
Speedo Tracksuit  (limited sizing) & Membership DVD

Gift D)
WaterART Large Equipment Bag, Closed Cell Striped Noodle & Membership DVD

Gift E)
WaterART Duffle bag, 15 inch and 30 inch Fit Bands. Choice of DVD041 (water program ) OR DVD049 (land program) Fit Band Work

Gift F)
WaterART Endurance Instructor Shirt  (choose either a Ladies Performance Style (tanks or long sleeve)  OR  unisex style (looser fit) short or long sleeve) in  hot pink, sapphire blue or purple & Membership DVD

Gift G)
Speedo 100%  Women's Endurance Suit without bra (flyback or proback style) (size 30 - 44 inch chest)  OR Men's Endurance jammer (waist sizing 30-38), NOTE:  any Final Sale Suit  click here (also considered WP G membership) & Membership DVD

Gift H)
Speedo 100% Endurance Suit with bra (6-24) & Membership DVD  You may choose any from this webpage

Gift I )
WaterART Anatomy Endurance Shirt (100% Polyester) Blue or White & Membership DVD

Gift J)
Pair of Flex Paddles, Resistive Paddle Program (DVD040),  Laminated Workout Card (LC040) & WaterART Wet bag

Gift  K) 
Pair of 5 inch Dumbbells, Advanced Dumbbells & Shoulder Impingement
Program (DVD060) & WaterART Wet Bag

Gift L) 
Donation of a Speedo swim suit OR WaterART Instructor shirt to the Toronto Sports Leadership Program

We do not substitute gifts in our packages, as this is too confusing for our shipping department.

Our system automates a minimum $15.00 shipping  charge - unless you are attending an educational event OR  picking up at the warehouse or an event (must register by early-bird date).                    

Everyone receives....

  • A choice of one of the following Membership DVD's, or what comes with the LETTERED packages listed below (no substitutes)

  • A choice of one of the following Membership DVD's, or what comes with the LETTERED packages listed below (no substitutes)

  •                 DVD029: What is WaterART?

  •                 DVD033: Promotional DVD Membership

  •                 DVD066: TriAQUAFun Event Program

  •                 DVD076: Barbara's Story

  •                 DVD077: Advanced Noodle Challenge

  •                 DVD092: Julie's Favorite Exercises

  •                   DVD093 -Buoyancy Pants

  •                 DVD097: Favorite Fit Tips

  • Quarterly Newsletter (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) & Monthly E-Newsletter

  • 20-25% discounts on all product purchases, except final sale items which are already discounted

  • Note: Your discount level depends on your qualification level.  Master Trainers, Gold Certified, Facility and Personal Trainer Members receive 25% while others receive 20%.

  • WP Member Rate (Registration Discounts for onsite training  and education events)

  • Job Postings & Listings!

  • Member's Only Website Privileges

  • Member's Only Message Board Privileges

Fees of WP Professional Membership packages are....

WP A,B,C, D, E,F,G,I,J, K are $75.00 + applicable taxes/S/H - (Save $10.00 when renewing  MY ACCOUNT section after log in)

WP H memberships are $95.00  + applicable taxes/S/H (Save $10.00 when renewing  in MY ACCOUNT section after log in)

With each WP membership, you always receive a full year from your JOIN DATE or an extra year from your renewal date!

Please Click on the links below to view or purchase a WP membership option 

WaterART Professional Membership(WP-A)
WaterART Professional Membership(WP-B)
WaterART Professional Membership(WP-C)
WaterART Professional Membership(WP-D)
WaterART Professional Membership (WP-E)
WaterART Professional Membership (WP-F)
WaterART Professional Membership (WP-G)
WaterART Professional Membership (WP-H)
WaterART Professional Membership (WP-I)
WaterART Professionals Membership (WP-J)
WaterART Professionals Membership (WP-K)

WaterART Professional Membership (WP-L)

Basic Membership (no gift shipped)


LINK FOR TUTORIAL - How to log on as a WaterART Professional's Member

Note if you are Renewing your WP member ( prior to expiration) Simply, login and go into MY ACCOUNT ( top right hand corner of website or MY ACCOUNT SECTION). Please contact us via email if you require help (click here)

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