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Refund, Cancellation & Copyright Policy

For Certification, CEC Workshops, Conferences & Clinics
No cash refunds. If you are unable to attend a Certification course or Continuing Education workshop you must notify WaterART Fitness in writing (email, fax, mail)  at least 48 hours prior to the program commencing.  After 48 hours you lose your registration fees. If you cancel your event registration, you must cancel in writing via fax, mail or fastest is via 

You will have the choice to receive either

1) home study materials (of equal or lessor value). For Certification this includes: manual, DVD' and study guide questions & answers, laminated cards & exams. You may complete the practical onsite or via home study) . For CEC workshop classes, you will receive the appropriate course materials for the workshop advertised (this includes: DVD(s) and handout notes & CEC quizzes. You must pay shipping fees or additional costs ( if any). Only one person may submit an exam with each home study program.


2)  to attend another training course or workshop, of equal or lesser value, within a 6 month time period. Cancellation fee will apply. There is a $25.00 rebooking fee if you choose this option.

In order to take advantage of our cancellation policy, WaterART Fitness International Inc. must receive written cancellation of your registration prior to 48 hour before the scheduled event. Please call (416) 621 -0821 OR  FAX (416) 621-0951 and or email us

In the event WaterART Fitness International Inc. and/or any of its officers cancel due to circumstances beyond their control.  If we cancel the event you may choose to receive a 100% refund OR the course materials as listed above. In this instance we ship materiasl  free of charge and receive free mitts for the inconvenience. 

Please note that if there is a fouling,  lightning, or generally a pool problem or any other unforeseen Act of God, WaterART Fitness will facilitate a dry session of practical interactive learning. Although this is not ideal - please understand that this is no excuse for cancellation.  A lot of people have re-arranged their schedule and you may certainly benefit with dry land training techniques or going through the moves (as if you are teaching safely on deck ).  We promise, we will move and help you to enjoy the programs and learn from the workshop or training session. As a professional, you just have to be creative and flexible. Realize that WaterART is  committed to follow through and values your commitment to attendance.If you have scheduled a date for Certification Exam and are not able to attend you must advise WaterART Fitness International in writing (email/fax/mail) at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled date OR FORFEIT the fee that is included in the course registration. 

All Certification exam must be completed within a 4 months for instructor courses & 6 months for other courses following the onsite training date or date of product purchase of the correspondence materials. The cost for late exam submissions or failed /uncompleted exams is $35.00 + applicable taxes per exam.  All exams must be completed no later than 12 months after the onsite course date or correspondence products are purchased or you will have to re-take the entire program.Exams may be written as many times as the candidates requires; however, all re-writes and practicals must be submitted within 6 months of date of the last unsuccessful attempt of the exam.

Return of Educational Products:

Educational materials are 100% non refundable with the exception of faulty DVD(s). WaterART Fitness must be notified in writing within 14 days of shipping the materials of any defects or problems with the materials.  In the event of a faulty DVD, the same tape will be replaced. Please check to see if the DVD has recordings on it OR scratches and/or fingerprints. All DVD's should play on computers. Some DVD players may not be compatible with our DVD recordings. We record in -R ( 8 times speed). Note that some DVD players "sound" different that computers due to speaker quality. All DVD's  are computer compatible. All DVDs must be returned, at the purchasers expense, to WaterART Corporate Office (and may be either to our Canadian OR  USA  address). Always get confirmation from us in writing as we often can replace at an event.  Our goals it to keep shipping costs down. Please get a return code PRIOR to shipping the item back or your item will not be accepted.
WaterART Fitness International Inc. will replace the same product and re-ship without cost. WaterART Fitness International must receive written RETURN of your PRODUCTS prior to the reshipping the selected products. You may mail, FAX (416) 621-0951 and or
email  the return policy. By accepting an emailed invoice the client agrees to the above terms and conditions. All products are copyrighted materials. Only Certified WaterART Master Trainers may teach with these products ( allow public viewing) and/or sell product due to copyright laws.

email  OR see our return policyD

BATHING SUITS, UNITARDS AND WORKOUT WEAR ARE NON RETURNABLE AND NON REFUNDABLE.(This is due to hygienic reasons and WaterART will not accept for return any merchandise that has possibly been contaminated with any substance that may pose a health risk . If there is a flaw we will gladly replace the product.  All flawed products must have the tags still attached and be reported within 8 days of shipping. All clearance and final sale items are non returnable.

Electrical, matting  and other EQUIPMENT will be returned at the purchasers expense within 30 days of product shipment.

In the event of a faulty product, WaterART Fitness International Inc. will replace the same product AND PAY YOUR RETURN SHIPPING.

All maintenance of electrical equipment will be at the customers expense.There is a minimum restocking free of  $15.00 / item OR  15%  if the items are  over $200.00.

Please note that you will have to Return your items unused  &  have return or  approval code. It is easiest to email us the problem for the return coupon code.

Please review your orders carefully PRIOR to going online with your payment.

If you enter in your credit card payment and the order is incorrect  WaterART Fitness International Inc. will only issue you a coupon code for the over payment . We cannot issue a refund (as we don't have your credit card information) and all refunds are charged an additional $25.00 fee via our e-retail banking system.

 For United States Residents: Please be advised some banks add an incidental international credit card fee to their transactions. We are not responsible for this incidental fee charged by your banking institution. Please check in advance with your credit card provider or utilize an international credit card or submit a check to our USA warehouse address. We will not refund your additional fees charged directly by your bank.

All video(s), DVDs, CDs, Laminated Cards, Manual (s) and Examination (s) are protected against unauthorized copying, duplication or unauthorized teaching or public viewing of any sort.
These materials arecorrespondence programs that may be reviewed and enjoyed by individuals or usedfor library purposes not training organizations or educational institution ofany sort. The products may not be resold or rented out without compensation tothe owner. The following is the international agreement thatenforces a $750,000.00 fine for illegal duplication of our products. We willendorse this act.


WARNINGS: International agreements and national lawsprotect copyrighted videotapes unauthorized reproduction exhibition ordistribution of copyright videotapes can result in severe criminal and civilpenalties under the laws of your country. The International Criminal Police Organization - INTERPOL- has expressed concern about video piracy to all of itsmember national police forces.  (Resolution adopted at INTERPOL general assembly, Stockholm, Sweden,September 8th, 1977)  Please remember, before beginning this or anyexercise program, consult your doctor. The instruction given and the advicegiven in this video are not intended as a substitute for medical consultation.
The creators, producers, participants, and distributors of this program,disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercise advice herein. 
Only Certified WaterART Master Trainers are able to utilize our programs for publicviewing or for training purposes because of liability and copyright issues.

If you would like to show any of theDVDs/videos for public viewing you will need to get written permission directlythrough myself. Please note that we have developed a PROMOTIONALMEMBERSHIP  DVDs (DVD029, DVD033,DVD076,DVD077, DVD083) entitled for public relations campaigns and your publicpromotion of our programs. This is the only program that may be viewed publiclywith our sanction.  If you would like topass our products to a friend or help us promote our products  that isperfectly fine but we don't allow sharing of exams or our other educational materials.


Please let me know ifyou have any questions or concerns via email or in writing.

WaterART Fitness International Inc.


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