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Exercise is key to managing a healthy lifestyle and weight. With nearly half of all North American not exercising enough to improve their overall well-being, water exercise may be one of the few modalities that holds the key to helping those with medical conditions and extra pounds get into a fitness program.

WaterART Fitness may facilitate a multitude of ages, fitness levels and body types. This program will provide the foundation for building a safe and effective exercise program.

WaterART Fitness blends the science of safe and effective exercise design with the powerful properties of water. We can turn the pool into a gym as there is a sea of strength training equipment. We can create a cardiovascular treadmill or bicycle in no time. There is the protection of the water for falls and water adds a massage effect to eliminate pain and discomfort. Discover the wonders of the water and enhance your health through the gym of the future …and perhaps the fountain of youth!!!!!!


• Enjoyable and easy to do.
• Do not have to be a swimmer to participate.
• Do not have to get hair wet or put your face in water.
• Provides natural massage and muscular tension release.
• The impact of the exercise may be unloaded from 50% to 100%
• Everyone may choose own to work at their own intensity level (low through high).
• Lots of variety of classes (shallow water, deep water, circuit, step training, with toys/props, line dancing, interval training, athletic training, kids, aqua therapy etc.,).
• All of the components of fitness may be easily trained in one program or class.
• Impact injuries are less likely since buoyancy naturally protects the joints.
• Water provides resistance for improved balance, strength and tone of the musculature.
• Even top athletes use water for the secret advantage
• Movements are naturally balanced in the water. In other words, muscles that are tight on land are stretched with buoyancy in the water while muscles are weak are naturally strengthened with water’s resistance.
• Heat build up can be eliminated. Water is one of the best methods of removing heat. It is an ideal activity for hot humid weather or climates (compared to land exercise).
• Great for physically limited participants, who would otherwise not exercise i.e. older adult, injured, overweight, frail, and medical conditions. Our research clearly illustrates that they can do more in the water.
• Improves all aspects of health similar to land physical activity.
• Wonderful stress reliever. Programs such as water yoga, water tai chi, and water pilates are easily blended to the pool
• Great social activity as you may chat and exercise at the same time
• Excellent cross-trainer especially for runners and athletes.
• Improves posture and abdominals are “engaged” throughout a entire routine.

WaterART Fitness has created the largest “Educational Library” in the world. With over 48 DVD’s/videos specific to water exercise and 14 Consumer Kits - WE MAY HELP MANY PEOPLE GET FIT AND UNDERSTAND EXERCISE.

If you would like more information on the WaterART Fitness programs, please contact  Julie Twynham, Creator & Educational Director.
Head Office - 416-621-0821 OR Toll Free – 1-866- 5-GET-WET

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