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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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Land Instructor Certification

This course introduces an instructor to the fundamentals of teaching land group exercise. This program will prepare the instructor with the many facets of teaching group exercise programs including: low impact fitness, step training, taekwonaerobics, muscular strengthening & stretching, core training, functional fitness and total body stretching.

The goal of the programs is to help instructors facilitate easy to follow routines for multi-level programs. The course will teach you how to use music effectively as well as how to develop basic exercise patterns.

Basic fitness theory and principles will be reviewed as follows: 

  • Exercise Benefits & Principles

  • Components of a fitness class

  • Structure of the Human Body

  • Basic muscle physiology

  • Posture, Balance and Function Assessments

  • Designing Muscle Sets for flexibility, strength, endurance and balance with and without equipment

  • Teaching progressions

  • Complexity versus intensity

  • Regulate and monitor Rate of Perceived Exercise via talk test

  • Learning to adjustclasses for mixed intensities and abilities

  • Basic Nutrition, Eating Disorders and Body Image

  • Exercises for ball, step, stretching, pilates, yoga, muscular strengthening,

  • Energy production and metabolism 


  • Music terminology and understanding  phrasing when working with choreography 

  • Cueing basics: verbal and nonverbal

  • Specificity of  training techniques and choreography

  • Teaching warm-up, cardio, resistance, functional, and cool-down exercises

  • Progressions, variations and combinations

  • Review phrasing combo must be 32 counts.

  • Mindful movement for Pilates, Stretching, Yoga and Tai Chi

  • Fitness Ball Exercises

  • Fitness Band and Tubing Exercises

NOTE: You will have up to six months to complete the certification exams (after the training date for onsite education or purchase date of home study).  Theory is take home or applied theory. Practical is onsite assessment OR DVD/Video submission. Everyone will need to complete the theory exam. In doing so, this will update your qualifications with another level of certification as well as  re-qualify your existing levels of certification for 2 years from the pass date of your new certification.

CECS available: 16.0 WaterART, 8.0 OKA, 8.0 OFC  & you may petition other organizations for CECs

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How to complete  Land Certification Exams

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