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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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Aquatic Common Movement Instructor Certification

This shallow water instructor training program is for anyone interested in facilitating a program for people with Common and Neuromuscular Movement Disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Huntingtons Disease, Brain Injuries, Parkinsons Disease etc.

A shallow water exercise program will focus utilizing a variety of exercises and equipment to keep people moving. All exercise design will be focused on helping the individual to improve functional activities of daily living known as ADLS. We will review assessments to provide a system of evaluating exercise choice, efficacy and progression.

Neuromuscular & Movement Disorders affect over 5 million people in North America. Most disorders are chronic, meaning it persists over a long period of time. Additionally, most diseases are progressive which means that the symptoms grow worse over time. Our goal is to help those individuals with muscle weakness gain more control and balance of their muscles as well as maintain quality of life.

WaterART Fitness programs are skillfully designed to help the caregiver, instructor and/or individual understand how to implement and develop a safe and effective program. There are no pre-requisites for this program. A candidate may choose to Certify with the course or simply take the program for general interest and knowledge. 

Chapter 1        What is Neuromuscular Disorders
Chapter 2        The Aging Process
Chapter 3        Functional Fitness & Functional Assessments
Chapter 4        Muscles, Joints and Biomechanics
Chapter 5        Posture, Gait and Balance
Chapter 6        The Exercise Blueprint
Chapter 7        The Exercise Inventory
Chapter 8        Medications
Chapter 9        Nutrition
Chapter 10      Sample Forms and Additional Information
Chapter 11      Bibliography & Recommended Reading

The onsite training OR  Home Study Program includes:

  • Common Movement Disorders Instructor Manual

  • Study guide questions & answers

  • Laminated program cards for pool side use

  • DVD010 - Shallow H20 Program Design for People with Parkinson's

  • Certificate of Course Completion

  • Certification Exams (onsite or correspondence)

  • Theory & Practical Assessments are required. If you are a current Certified Instructor - you only need to complete the theory exam to upgrade and re-certify your qualifications.

  • This program is worth 16.0 hours of CEC's for WaterART, & 8.0 OFC/ ICREPS/ BCRPA, continuing education credits.

  • Online Profile & Certification Diploma upon successful completion of the exams.

You will have up to six months to complete the certification exams (after the training date for onsite education or purchase date of home study).  Theory is take home or applied theory. Practical is onsite assessment OR Video submission on USB stick or DVD. If you are currently certified and qualified with WaterART, you will only need to complete the theory exam. In doing so, this will update your qualifications with a new specialty level of certification as well as  re-qualify your existing levels of certification for 2 years from the pass date of your new certification.
   This program has been co-developed by WaterART Fitness International, a Division of Body Check Inc. & The National Parkinson's Foundation.
   If you want to register to an event,
click here.
   If you want to order correspondence, WaterART Common Movement Disorders H20 Instructor Certification (CT014),
please click here.

Download PDF Agenda of Program

Speciality Certification Exam Process

Onsite Training Events

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