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Weight Management Consultant Certification

The goal of this program is to train the Professional with user friendly information on nutrition, lifestyle and behavior change strategies.
Although the fitness industry has made considerable gains in research and technology - the fact remains people are more unhealthy and overweight than ever before!!!
As fitness professionals ( either land or water ) we must recognize that consumers and our class patrons need help and techniques to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

The WMC or Weight Management Consultant Certification  will deliver the 10 week program to the consumer entitled  Managing a Healthy Weight .

This training will provide the an integrated system to help those individuals struggling with weight loss and/or good health.  The goal of the program is to help the individual understand basic nutrition, a variety of exercise and home program information as well as learn strategies for a positive behavior change.  This program provides a back to basics approach that may greatly help your patrons choose long term strategies for improving their health and using exercise with balanced nutrition as a positive change agent.  

The Managing a Healthy Weight Clinic will guide participants through a 10 week healthy lifestyle program. Each week will combine a  lecture session followed by an activity session that will combine education and practical tips for achieving improved nutrition, enjoyable exercise and positive lifestyle and behavior changes.

Topics such as goal setting, basic nutrition, nutritional analysis, emotional eating, meal planning, detrimental dieting, grocery shopping,  home programs for stretching and strengthening and keeping active, relaxation, stress management and positive self talk will be reviewed.  

This goal of the program is to provide the participant with a positive experience and system towards balancing physical activity, proper nutrition and positive behavior change techniques for achieving a healthier you.  If you have been trying to lose weight and realize that diet dont work then this program is for YOU!

You may choose to Certify for your own personal use or to upgrade your qualifications OR become a Fully Certified Weight Management Consultant. Click here for difference in programs.

Pre-Requisite: must be Certified Instructor either through WaterART or another Certifying body or organization  (to teach both parts of the program - leadership & exercise component)

To complete Certification
Each individual must purchase their own package.  Each individual must complete the
Comprehensive Certification Process.

If you want to register to an event, please click here.
If you want to order the  WMC Correspondence Program 
click here


Download a Comparison of Weight Management Programs Difference in WMC, MHW & Shape UP Program 


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