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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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Aquatic Rehabilitation Athletic Populations Certification

This program is an advanced aquatic training program for individuals involved in rehabilitation developed by a physiotherapist. It is available via onsite training and/or homestudy. You will require an advanced understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise design so experience in the aquatic fitness industry is very important. Instructors who are not registered therapists may not use the title "therapist". Only registered professionals may utilize the term aquatic therapy program. Seasoned instructors are  an important part of the wellness continuum so they will need to learn about the rehabilitation process.

This program has been specifically designed for healthy populations who have regularly engaged in fitness and keeping themselves active and well - we will call them Athletic but may have injured themselves so they require more modified and corrective exercise techniques.

This program will review 6 stages of specific regions of focus including  neck, shoulder, spine, hip, knee and ankle. Because clients have been fitter they will be able to progress through the progessive stages of intensity utilizing  Aquatic Equipment and progressive exercise design. The goal is to bring the client back to a healthy level of well-being and/or good athletic performance.

Learning Objective: Gain an understanding of the various musculoskeletal conditions aquatic rehabilitation clients/patients may present with, the relevant bone and tissue structures involved, and various programming considerations and tools employed to meet client needs. Each region will be taken through six rehabilitation stages of progression. You will review a complete water specific exercise inventory with and without equipment.

Pre-Requisite: We highly recommend that you have a good background in aquatic fitness. Ideally NON Allied Health Care Providers should have completed successfully : Instructor Certification, Senior Instructor  or Arthritis Instructor Certifications  OR be an Allied Health Care Provider. 

Onsite training will cover the following:

  • Scope of practice Aquatic Therapist versus Aquatic Instructor

  • Stages of Rehabilitation

  • Advanced Anatomy

  • Common  Shoulder Conditions

  • Common Spinal Issues

  • Common Hip Conditions

  • Common Knee Injuries

  • Common Ankle Conditions

  • Review 6 stages of rehabilitation process for athletic populations

    Please note that this is not an anatomy class. The class is about teaching "simply" what the disorder is HOW that disorder effects the muscles in terms of muscle balance. You will learn what rehabilitation exercises you do for that disorder and how to progress those exercises. In other words, this is a practical application of rehab exercises.



What is a Rehabilitation Specialist? ( PDF download)

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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Contributing Authors
Kathryn Gwynn-Brett, BSc (Physical Therapy), Dip. Massage Therapist, has 25 years experience as a physiotherapist working in a wide variety of settings and countries including private practice, hospitals, gyms, pools, and "on the field". Presently Kathryn is working in Whistler, British Columbia. Her practice is focused on orthopedic, sports, and post-accident rehabilitation with a special interest in exercise programming in the gym and pool settings. This interest is demonstrated in the numerous post-graduate courses she has taken including the Norwegian sequence/medical exercise therapy courses, CFES Weight Training II and multiple other courses. Kathryn has been an active member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and has co-authored a book entitled, "An Illustrated Guide to Taping Techniques". Kathryn strongly believes that Water Training courses are a useful means for improving the health, well being and general fitness of her participants, as well as it is an outstanding method for rehabilitation of the injured. The WaterARTTM Blueprint Design allows programs to be progressively and individually tailored to reach specific goals.

Lynn Kabaroff, HBSc.Kin., MHK, RKin graduated with her Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (1995), Master of Human Kinetics (2010) and has been recognized as a Registered Kinesiologist (2012). She has been active in the education field for much of her career including previously sitting on the Board of Directors for the OKA (continuing education standards program) as well as being a WaterART Grand Master Trainer (2000 - 2011). Lynn was the developer of the WaterART Rehabilitation DVD's and was a contributor to the WaterART Rehabilitation Specialist program. Currently, Lynn is a professor in the Physical Fitness Management program at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario.

Rikki Gross, BPE, Medical Exercise Specialist, Spinning and WaterART Certified has worked as an aquatic fitness instructor, personal trainer and rehabilitation specialist since 1991. Her teaching experience began in South Africa were she obtained her physical education degree. Subsequently Rikki came to Toronto in 1994 and became a certified WaterART instructor and Master trainer, a Medical Exercise Specialist and an active Spin instructor. In 1997 she was honoured with the Instructor of the Year award at the Fitness Institute. Rikki has contributed to Speedo Professional newsletter and is currently co-creating WaterARTTM Cycle program.

Amit Bidaye, HBSc.PT, is a registered physiotherapist working in a private sports rehabilitation clinic in Mississauga. He graduated from the University of Toronto (Neurological sciences) and from McMaster University (Physiotherapy). His rehabilitation philosophy encompasses many different disciplines such as manual therapy, active release techniques, and acupuncture. He has worked with a variety of different clients with neurological and cardio respiratory conditions and currently conducts a pool therapy class once a week in a local hospital. His goal is to help train and educate other health professionals to incorporate aquatic therapy into their treatment protocols.

Julie Twynham, is the Educational Director and Creator of WaterART Fitness International. Her strong academic background from the University of Waterloo, in Human Kinetics, combined with her dance and coaching background provide her with strong technical and creative skills.  Currently, she is Certified through The Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and American Council on Exercise(ACE). Her background also includes high performance and cardiac rehabilitation exercise testing and at the Toronto Fitness Institutes as well as designing their Personal Trainer Exercise Inventory (land and water) and Better Back Programs. She developed and facilitated instructor training programs for both land and water. Through, Body Check Inc.,(established in 1985) she has developed over 93 Educational DVD's for both land and water modalities. She developed and ran the Speedo Aquatic Fitness System in Canada (1993-2000) and has worked throughout the world helping consumers and fitness professionals learn about exercise design. As a veteran of the fitness industry for over 30 years, she has presented for many world organizations, community centers and clubs throughout Canada, United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, U.K. and South Africa including: World IDEA, Aquatic Exercise Association, Ontario Fitness Council, Atlanta Aqua Society, European Aquatic Fitness Conference,Canadian Aerobic Instructors Network, University of Waterloo, York University, Washington State University, Michigan State University, Manitoba Fitness Leaders, Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association, Ontario Fitness Council, to name a few.

Drusilla Leitch, is the Certification Director and a Master Trainer for the WaterART Fitness Training Programs.She is the co-author of the WaterART Seniors, Tai Chi, Mind Body, Rehabilitation, Instructor, Shape Up and Arthritis Manuals for Land and Water. She has developed and coproduced over 93 DVDs through WaterART Fitness. She started in the Fitness industryover 35 years ago, with her "Fitness is Fun" program and approach for maintaining healthand wellness. She has delivered creative, dynamic and innovate programs forsenior fitness as well as regular group exercise programming for both on landand water.She was the recipient of the Ontario Fitness Council Leadership Award and former presenterof an Active Living Program for the Elder Hostel Association in Ontario. She divides herteaching time between Ontario, Georgia and Florida.

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