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WaterART Aquatic Fitness Certification
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Aquatic Personal Trainer Specialist Certification

The largest area of growth for the fitness professional is personal training. During this core course you will review the current research in aquatic fitness and learn how to blend the properties of water with exercise design utilizing a specific water assessments. This is also an excellent program for the instructor who wants to expedite their learning with advanced training techniques. This program will help you to apply advanced scientific principles to individual training whether training for group exercise or individual programming. By understanding a client's baseline you will learn how to program more specifically for both shallow and/or deep water. You will learn how to progress each exercise for a varied clientele to help your client achieve results. We will review case studies to better understand programming for a variety of clientele with a unique skill, body compositions, and goals. This program will review a comprehensive exercise inventory and varied tool box of training exercises for the many clients that will need to progress their fitness levels. 


This course will help the Aquatic Personal Trainer to:

  • Understand the difference between land and water personal training.

  • Understand the difference between group exercise and personal or one on one training.

  • Review current research on aquatic fitness exercise design

  • Apply exercise design to shallow, transitional and deep water depths.

  • Understand equipment application and exercise design for cardiovascular training, muscular strengthening & endurance, flexibility, functional fitness, agility, balance, speed, and coordination training.

  • Identify individuals who should receive medical clearance prior to engaging in a personal training session.

  • Design programs for individuals including post rehabilitation through to high performance levels.

  • Understand how to utilize a water assessment as a baseline indicator of muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility

  • Understand safety tips, modifications and progressions for exercises selected.

  • Understand energy systems and how to calculate energy expenditure to determine ideal weight management

  • Analyze posture and select appropriate muscular balancing exercises. Learn a variety of water specific exercise inventory to target cardiovascular conditioning,

  • To experience a variety of water specific equipment that will give the trainer lots of ideas on how to build an exercise inventory tool box.

  • Create a profitable and viable business plan.

  • By the end of this training, personal trainers should be able to map out a basic program suitable for post rehabilitation through high performance.

  • NOTE:The theory exam is in the back of the manual.

  • You must complete both the theory and practical portion of the exam to become fully Certified and qualified.


Program includes:

  • 8-16 hours training (for onsite training depending location)

  • Aquatic Personal Specialist Training Manual with study guide questions & answers 

  • 8 laminated program cards,

  • DVD086 (2 DVDs), DVD087, DVD088 (2 DVDs)

  • user ready fast track paperwork for assessments and writing out program cards,

  • Certificate of course completion,

  • Comprehensive Certification Examination Process (theory you may email answers & 5 case studies that you submit), 

  • Certification profile when successful  (Diploma, laminated wallet card, online profile)

  • 16.0 hours CEC's for WaterART, NLFA/ICREPS partners

  • 8.0 CEC's for ACE, AEA, 

  • Home study is 1.6 ACE

  • 6 months to complete theory & practical assessment (examination process)

  • Whether you complete the program onsite or home study - you receive the same exam competencies

  • Pre-requisite: 18 years of age. You may start into this program if you have taken other fitness or water fitness certifications. However, if you are new to Water Fitness and Exercise Science and teaching people in the water  - we highly recommend our aquatic instructor programs first.  The aquatic Fitness Instructor program will provide the professional with water specific skills and building an inventory tool box as well as basic water exercise design in shallow and deep water. With that said, you may always start with this program and purchase additionally DVDs to build your skills and water exercise science knowledge. See link
    Previous Aquatic Certification is highly recommended (Instructor & Senior and/or Arthritis programs) OR you must complete the Aquatic Personal Trainer Tutorials prior to the training or purchase the full Aquatic Personal Training program with Tutorials (if you have not taken WaterART Programming). WaterART appreciates that all professionals learn uniquely - so if you prefer to take this level first please do. You will be assessed for competencies at the same level as other candidates and have up to six months to complete the course materials and build your skills.

How to complete the Aquatic Personal Trainer Certification Exam.

You will have up to six months to complete TAKE HOME examination process after the training date or product purchase. The exam templates and marking scheme is in the back of your manual. Exams submitted after 6 months to a year are subject to a $35.00 administration fee/ late exam and you will have unlimited re-do fees. If you do not complete the program within a year or you will need to re-do program without purchasing manual again. Please assume this  program may take up to 50-100 hours to complete this examination process based on your background and aptitude. The theory exam is applied theory. There is study guide questions and answers in the back of the manual to self study and check. You may email the exam answers to us if you want this marked prior to practical (however, you do need to complete both the theory & practical assessment to pass or become fully Certified and qualified).

The practical assessment or exam involves 5 case studies. This may take a lot of time, however, the process will make the aquatic personal trainer become efficient and proficient. We recommend that you use yourself as your first practical case study.  We recommend friends, co-workers, family and/or yourself as your other case studies. We advise you to utilized healthy populations so that the program cards and assessments are not so complicated. The practical assessment will involve taking your client/yourself though the water assessments, goal setting, health history questionnaires. Then then create program cards for your clients for week one, four and eight. The goal of the program cards are to provide quick reference for exercise progression or  to  help your client improve their performance and fitness. Your program card should reflect how the person performed on their water assessment, as well as what you are training. Water specific exercise techniques  and how to utilize the properties and protection of the water should be illustrated with your video submission. All candidates will need to video or film one of your practical case study program cards or 45 minute sessions (either teaching or training yourself or a volunteer client). Additionally, you will submit a counselling agreement and short business plan - to help you to plan your new business whether working independently or within a club setting. One of your program cards needs to be video taped or put on a USB STICK/DVD so that we may see your practical training skills or how you are teaching a safe, effective and enjoyable one on one water program. You do not need to teach this in the pool;however you must show how to teach a water exercise personal training program (which is unique to land personal training). All the fast track practical assessment paperwork is in  the back of the manual or we may email them to you after the course.

If you would like to  register  for on ONSITE program or an event, please click here.

If you want to order home study option WaterART Personal Trainer Specialist Certification (CT003b), please click here.

The following information will be covered for the PRACTICAL  training. 

  • how to administer Liability Waiver & Release form of your client

  • how to administer Personal Health History Forms

  • how to administer Physical Assessment including posture, balance, flexibility, muscular strength and balance techniques

  • how to administer and improve the Postural Alignment - of your client

  • how to develop sample contract & client agreement

  • how to develop Week 1 ( Day 1) a sample program card

  • how to develop Week 4 (Day 1 ) ( Day 1) a sample program card

  • how to develop  Week 8 (Day 1 ) ( Day 1) a sample program card

  • how to create progressions with and without equipment

  • how to evaluate between buoyancy and resistive equipment

  • how to guide your  client  through a goal setting process 

  • how to create a  Short Business & Marketing Plan ( 1-2 pages)





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