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How do I get started in the Fitness Industry?

  • Check out the fitness facilities in your area and get to know their programs.
  • Take part in a wide variety of fitness classes. Decide what type of fitness interests you the most. If it doesnt keep your interest you wont enjoy teaching.
  • Volunteer your services.
  • Talk to class participants, find out their goals and/or needs for a program.
  • Talk to facility directors, instructors, personal trainers find out if they will help you with training.


  • Where can I look for a job?
  • All community centers , condominiums, private clubs, YMCAs, YWCAs, Spas and Golf clubs may have fitness facilities and pools that offer job opportunities.
  • Check out your local fitness facilities looking for group instructors.
  • Check bulletin boards for people looking for a personal trainer.
  • Large companies with fitness centers, vacation centers, hotels, and cruise ships
  • Check out our website

  • Do I need to become Certified before I start teaching?
  • Definitely but become certified for the type of fitness you will be teaching.
  • For instance: if you are only interested in group instruction for healthy people then a general certification may be adequate.
  •  If you plan to advance to teach in a specialized area such as for an Arthritis or Rehabilitation Program, or decide to offer personal training then you need to upgrade your certification for that specific area.
  • Never claim to be knowledgeable in an area of fitness for which you have not received certification.

    How do I become certified?
  • Find a legitimate training an certification program, that offers long term education. If in doubt ask for references or talk to people that you know have become certified by the organization in question. Phone us and we are happy to answer any questions.
  • All Certifications should involve a good balance of both theory education prior to taking the exams.

How often do I need to renew my WaterART Certification's?

  • Every two years. The great news is that if you complete a higher level of certification you will automatically achieve both levels (and not have to pay a renewal fee).
  • If I have more than one WaterART certification do I have to renew each one separately?
  • No -You need only renew the HIGHEST level of certification. If you have lesser certifications these are automatically renewed for the same time period. If you advance to an even higher level of certification - your renewal date will automatically become 2 years from the date of that certification.

    How many certifications are currently available through WaterART and how are they rated? click here 

    If you want to register to an event, please click here.

    If you want to order correspondence, WaterART Instructor Certification (CT001), please click here.
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